Justin Wong's Tier List



How to you guys think of Justin Wong’s tier list about Yang ?


Grade: B+

Pros: Able to control pressure with his cr.LK into Mantis Slashes. Not much pushback. Able to fit a lot of mixups with his command throw. Good reliable anti air and also FADCable.

Cons: Divekick height restriction and also not good frame advantage. Doesn’t have a reliable universal cross up which hurts his mixup game after a knockdown. Very weak in damage in terms of bread and butter combos.

Partner: Yun, Fei Long, Sagat.


Everything he says makes sense. He ranks Yang where most tier lists place him - around 30. The partners Yun and Fei Long are similar and Sagat is to cover his bad match-ups.


Well it was mostly just general points about Yang and not much depth. The only thing I don’t agree with about his rankings are that he ranked Dhalsim way too high.


I feel like yangs anti airs suck. What anti airs is he talking about? I don’t know any good normals to use as anti air and yangs dp is…not so good. It won’t even reach people if they are to high up. I may just need to play more yang, but I have been struggling with him for a while and I feel defenseless when people wanna jump at me.


Far Medium kick works great if the opponent is further away and his DP works well enough if the opponent is closer. Neutral jump Hard punch also works well against people who are jumping against you.


Yang’s anti-airs suck. Lol.

Most characters have multiple, reliable single button pushes that stop jump-ins. Others have DPs that can be auto-corrected.

Yang has a highly situational cl.MK and a non-auto correctable DP. I remember seeing lots of shotos jumping in on Yang from close quarters for free.

I’ve started to rely less on AA and instead using his walk speed to walk under jumps to attempt cr.LK trip guards.


His anti-airs are decent. He has an invincible dp which many characters would love to have, it can be auto-corrected it’s just more difficult than traditional dp’s. cl. Mk is pretty easy to land if you have the opponent cornered, and it leads into huge damage. If they’re jumping from farther away just use far st.mk. Also, neutral jump fierce and jump forward roundhouse are great air to airs if your opponent is being predicable with jump-ins. U1 is also an option.


If Yang’s anti-airs were put on a tier list, it would be close to bottom IMO. When you gotta start listing air-to-airs and U1 (something the majority of the cast have) you know you’re in trouble.

Even his greater tier Rekka counterpart, Fei, has st.RH and a gdlk DP. Yun has a gdlk DP (lk). Rufus has like a zillion anti-airs. Akuma. Cody. Ibuki.

What characters have worse anti-airs is probably a better question. Rose maybe, but that cr.FP is huge. Bison st.RH + walk speed makes me think his is better.

I’m sure you’ve seen Uryo vs. Nemo. Watch how many times neutral j.RH trades with Yang’s DP.


Well… Sakura’s jump-ins stuff or trade with 95% of AA’s in the game. Her air normals are ridiculous and will probably be nerfed in the upcoming version. I would take Yang’s AA’s over Bison’s and Rose’s any day.


You’re an idiot. Learn to anti-air before you start spouting this bullshit. Bison is shit at anti-airing. St. HK trades 90% of the time unless you’re doing empty jumps or pressing your button late. Rufus isn’t in any way better against jump-ins since his Snake strikes are bad except EX an even that is slow as hell. Cr. MP has too little range so it works only against jump-ins that are done too close. Far away he needs to rely on a jump forward HK. How is that any better?

Yang’s Ultra 1 is worth a mention as an anti-air because it’s quite possibly the best anti-air ultra in the game. 8 frames of start-up which is really fast for an ultra and a good amount of invicibility and damage.

Also about that Nemo vs. Uryo match. Sakura nj. HK has the same hit-box as Cammy’s EX CS. It can beat Ryu’s DP’s clean if timed correctly or at least trades at worst.


Now I’m an idiot? Lol. Already see what kind of a person you are.

Rufus had cr.MP, st.FP, cl.st.FP, and EX Snakestrikes. All are amazing at what they do. Far st.FP eats far jump ins like Ryu’s j.RH. I’m a Rufus main. I assure you that his anti airs are very good for a character that doesn’t have DP.

Ultra anti-airs? I can name many, many characters that have a universal great anti-air. With the majority of the top cast having the ability to adjust their air descent, U1 is not reliable at all except vs maybe Gief. It’s not special. Out of the thousands of Yang videos I’ve watched, I don’t think I’ve seen it once, lol.

I’m not suggesting that Yang’s AAs are nonexistent. They are just bad when you compare them with the rest of the cast. Mediocre at best.


[quote=“Julpero, post:10, topic:160757”]

You’re a scrub. Bison is the most brain dead character in the game, and has 0 bad matchups because of his escape options. ST.HK works for every situation, including anti air.

Never mind, I’m just spouting auto pilot stuff I hear every day.


Yang’s anti-airs are solid, just not ‘one size fits all’.


Agree to disagree then.


Just gotta practice your ranges,
far - s.fp/s.hk/U1
mid/far - s.mk/U1
mid - dp
mid/close - cl.mk
close - crouch(wait for crossup)late DP (can use cr.lk to lower hitbox and run stick back and forth along the bottom of the gate to insure you get the inputs) or jump back fierce

at mid range Yangs crouch lowers his hitbox enough to were your DP should beat jumpins clean with the correct timing.

learn to dash into ultra one from cl.mk, even if it trades you can still land the U1.


I understand his AA’s very well. I just don’t think they’re very good is all. Having very circumstantial anti-airs vs. divekicks, tatsus, or any change of aerial positioning takes out the reliability of his anti airs. But there are some characters that have magical buttons/specials that cover a wide variety of aerial changing.


most jumps that are too close just get launched by cl. forward, or DP’d. If the jump is too far I’ll let it go since yang’s far range anti airs are not that great.


You also forgot to mention yun ex dp which covers more range, and st mp which cover a certain zone lk dp can’t reach. But yea, i digress lol.


haha yea didn’t put a ton of thought into it,
and i get your point Inferno


This is what I usually do with Anti-Air. I either Focus from a hard knockdown and delay the dash so I don’t dash into them. The other option is waiting if the jump in from a hard knockdown is a safe jump or not and delay the DP so it auto corrects and attacks them. For unsafe jump-ins palm, for those who enjoy jumping up a lot, get into the habit of NOT crouching so it can be stuffed with a standing forward. Just because one characters dp is superior does not mean Yang does not have options, he does.

Oh almost forgot, watch those empty jumps for tech throws and or DP characters. Or Mach Dash and punish their mistake.