Justus invitational 2004, dipset son... Live Results =O


mvc2 is over
1st. potter “the otter,” he is endangered, they don’t make niggas like him anymore
2nd. bill “deus the goose” hellman
3rd. deuce “faust” tozzle
4th. justus “im cool” ballentine

1st. Deuce the killer shiller
2nd. justus fa shustus
3rd. bill trilliam
4th. potter fa shotter

3s is in progress
potter goes 3-0
bill is 1–1
deuce 0-2
justus is 0-1

updates will be live and direct straight from the dipset headquarters, what’s really really hood?


dipset dipset dipset


3s update

justus beats potter in 3s winners finals, 3-1.
bill and deuce are playing in loser semis right now, and it’s 1-0 deuce.


deuce takes bill’s chun li virginity and plays potter in losers finals. action action action


POtter is up 2-1 on deuce in the loser’s finals. Chars used potter: ken, deuce: chun


justus wins winners finals 3-1 over pozzle
deuce and deus playing now potter awaits winner…


potter perfects hyo omgjesusfuckshitbitchcunt shop shoobedy doo wop

1 1 potter deuce victory awaits


joostus calls for the passion and chuns potters ken for the win and the king on 3s

Final results:

1st nigger loverstus
2nd niggotter
3rd niggeuce
4th niggill


how the fuck did u lose bill in 3s


I have have fuckin no idea.


sounds like you guys had an awsome turnout:D …when you guys gonna come down?im gonna have a small tourney and bbq so i need to know was up