Jwong on reality show, wcg ultimate gamer 2

WCG Ultimate Gamer : Player : Justin Wong

horey shet he greasy -_-

Inb4 Jwong’s free to physical challenges + any non-fighting games.

the moment i find myself watching reality tv in my freetime im gonna kill myself

nobody should be that bored

lol at him dressed like a fucking idiot, flexing his pathetic flabby arms, then saying yeah i’m pretty cocky.

lol what is this guy going to be doing in 20 years? fighting games? LOL

I’d rather watch that reality show where they take those Amish teenagers into NY city.

I’m pretty sure I saw this show once at like 2 in the morning. Only fighting game was Soul Calibur 4 and that shit was laughable.
I’d watch it tho for the lulz.

His favorite game is magical drop 3? WTF?

Seems like everyone but him is a halo 3 or MW2 player or something.

Getting paid to play video games certainly one ups whatever you’re doing brotato.

Seriously though, I want him to win now just because he lies to his parents and says he wants to buy a puppy with the prize money if he wins.

getting paid a meager salary to play video games doesn’t one up anything besides unemployment.

and I’m going to college on a full ride for academics and basketball, but yeah he totally one ups me.

lol you guys hating on Justin, so serious.

I think he has a sense of humor and doesn’t give a shit that he’s a dork really. I like that.

Also FPStud, maybe you are going to college but you’re going to end up in a boring ass 9-5 more than likely. These people are doing what they LOVE and getting by. So piss on that. That’s a good ass lifestyle IMO.

This show looks stupid and lame I don’t care who’s in it.

But hey, kudos to Justin for landing a spot on a real TV show. I’m not gonna watch it but I’m happy for his success.

I’m not going to hate on Justin or the pro gamer lifestyle, but believe it or not, there are people in this world who enjoy their 9-5.

You guys should support Justin Wong and watch this show.

Quoting what marn told a hater on the front page because it’s true.

Only a sucka does it 9-5, I hear

that post is amazing in every way shape and form.

i love how people want to hate on other people for actually doing stuff. misery sure loves company


Pretty much all I have to say about that.

More like Inb4 free to gamerbee or Adon :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, if Justin ran it back with Gamerbee in a long set, I think he would triumph with more games under his belt. Arturo definitely did download him later on in the sets.

More or less I have to mock him, honestly he set himself up too well for the mocking this last EVO. Yeah he is a great player and all and I acknowledge that but that doesn’t mean I can’t poke a little fun at his expense.

Epic post by Marn, and so true.