JWong's anti-air jump tactic? WTF IS THIS?

Texas Showdown 5 videos:
I’m all done encoding. The release of this footage will not occur before the Texas Showdown 5 DVD goes on sale at the end of April. Don’t bother asking until then. I will not be sharing any footage that is on the DVDs.

The DVD should be great - I want to see Jummpeee’s Rogue take down Wigfall, Combofiend, and Desmond. WTF? =) ** Also, JWong’s anti-jump tactic that helped him beat Sanford is pretty buff and something to watch out for **



Quickstart lp, it’s not new but it works… if your opponent goes low at the beginning GG.

explain please?

i still don’t get it. can u please clarify Reset??

When the match begins do the switch trick and hold lp. Your lp will come out when the match starts, and if they try to jump you’ll hit them. if they go low, you get ate up.

Tommorrow we will realise Amingo is actually top tier and can rollcancel.

When will this game die? People finding new shit EVERY FUCKING DAY jesus.

marvel fo life!

damn. this shit is hella old. =[

Lol man that shit never works for me, people always block low at the start …But ya it is very old…

Jwong did the switch trick lp and i jumped and it didn’t hit me i had time to block.:confused: Jumping then hitting back frames are faster rather than up/back or down/back.

That shit is old…i assuming he means mid match when jumping away is the #1 strat for dealing with magneto

Amingo is top-tier, what are you talking about?

It’s kinda fake… right? magneto’s lp hit first at the beginning of the game and what if they go lk lk + psy assist? but i think lp is fast then you can defend the magz lk of the opponent.

actually if you do the standing LP versus Sentinel he can’t jump and if he tries to attack low he’ll still get hit cuz his sprite is so big. Everyone else can get out of it though. Also he did the anti-jump thing versus Desmond i believe, not Sanford. Desmond’s commando got snapped in immediately in the 2 games he lost…and he still almost won.