JWong's Marrow team vs DPC MM!

Justin Wong and DPC made the biggest crowd moment at Evo with the Ruby Jill Ken match. It was beautiful and DPC ended up winning it 10-6.

The Ruby team was Justin’s new one but he is more famous by playing Marrow/Charlie/Tron or Gambit/Cyclops/Morrigan.

So what I want to start here is to schedule and amybe start organizing bets for an MM at their next gathering. It may be at a next Evo event, or even at ECC if DP goes there. The conditions qould be the exact same conditions as the prevous MM, but Justin would be obliged to play one or both of the teams mentioned above.

How about that? Are you up for it, DPC? How about you, JWong? Let’s get this started!!!

No thanks…DP will just run away again.

Or reset the console:wasted:

JWong is 10 times better with the Marrow team than with the Ruby one. Nobody can runaway from Marrow. Ask the NY guys. JWong himself say that this is the best of his low tier teams because Marrow can fight Sentinel. He said it on the radio. I’ll put a hundred on JWong for starters, and I’m sure many people will back DPC up since they believe low tier can’t win.

You’re going to ECC?

And you’re into the low-high showdowns?

I’ll play you O.Blanka vs. Akuma first to three for $100.

look jwong set that bet up for mike c
then dpc ends up playin him
yeah alternate teams for wong is a great idea
but he didnt include it prolly due to confidence (no suprise he has a sick game)

BUT this is a DUMB thread
there a reason why people play sent mag storm cable mag
theres no room for low tier in mvc2
its been out for almost 10 yrs now

i doubt anyone will bet a low tier mm again
its buried

Watching jwong crush DPC in a real money match would be much more entertaining imo.

so is there any footage of this MM up? I guess I missed it :frowning:

I stopped reading here and started agreeing with it at the same time.

I dunno, watching Ruby lockdown Sentinel and Storm flying in fear from Jill was irreplaceably sweet. I was hoping for a Tyrant though, hahahaha. I think if DPC had to stay with one team too things would have been different. I hope there’s rematch actually. :rofl: And it definitely was one of the hypest moments of Evo.

I would put 100 on Wong.

q f t m f t

bet it.

Wong is pretty sick with Omega Red too. I think he can win.

I don’t play ST, and I also suck at what I play. Plus, I don’t know if you’re famous, but I’m not, so there’s not much of a showdown there. I can cover your $100 on the bet I suggested at first though, if you like DPC.

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Wong’s low tier is on the level of most top players top teams. Seeing him rape top players with Guile/Marrow/Tron is hilarious. Wong has lost low tier matches before and yet he still bets them and people bet on him. That one match isn’t going to change shit.

He lost a lot more money than usual this time, though.

Did Justin Wong come out of Evo richer despite his loss to DPC and Yipes?

He set up a thread here with a bunch of money matches so if we assume he played as normal,then yeah I would say he still walked out with a fair bit of change.

As much shit as DP talks about Clock, I’d like to see Justin’s S/D vs DP.

I honestly think its too easy for Wong. He managed to beat Chunksta under those conditions. But it would be nice to see DP cursing on Strider again. And where the heck is DP? Is he going to ECC?

It’s too early for theory money match threads.