Jyasen mind games?

Some possible uses for SSF4 Jyasen. Sometimes it works for me. When I have some meter I use Jyasen.
sometimes it really catches them off guard. If they block, FDAC then use these options.

-Throw them
-jump straight up then use crane U2 depending if they mash reversals etc.
-FADC then Dash back and punish their whiff if they try to reverse.

sometimes they really don’t expect it

This may be meter dependent as well So I don’t know. Perhaps some more veteran Gen players can shed some light

Uhm, this is very old (This is not exclusive to SSFIV) and pretty basic knowledge and could have been posted in the New/Old combo thread.

mhh the roll alone is pretty useless if not VERY close range or as punisher or a block string combo. and then it’s still meter waste if u FADC it.

the best “new” trick we got is the s.hp / s.mp crane mixup. can catch em offguard. meterless.

also i really dig the crane c.hp warkup poke. the hitbox is just nice.

Really dumb waste of meter unless you really know what you’re doing, and I don’t think you know what you’re doing.

Also literally like a year old.

Also a mix-up is not a “mind game”, this is not a “mind game”.

Also why are you calling it “Jyasen”, why not call it “roll” so that people that don’t speak Japanese or Chinese or whatever actually have a clue what you’re talking about.

last time I checked the ssf4 / sf4 gen move list ingame, it sayed “jyasen”. “roll” is a fanmade term. shoryuken is japanese and everyone knows what it is, it’s the correct name, “Dragonpunch” is also just fanmade. do you blame other to use “dragonpunch” but shoryuken? So i wouldn’t blame someone for using the correct term and rather say “use the slang!”

tho, roll and hands are the only names were i use the slang myself ^^
for EVERY other move from every char i use the japanese original.

this sort of mindgame was also in Vanilla.
but it’s practically worthless after the 2nd time you use it on an opponent.
Besides, you’re wasting 2 meters just for a throw or poke.
If you land ultra, it’s be really nice, but I wouldn’t do it unless you REALLY know your opponent will try to tech/reversal/poke at you after you FADC the roll.

The only reason I would ever do such a thing to for the surprise factor to win the match. I sometimes use roll FADC backwards though against grapplers because they can actually reversal your roll on block if not all hits connect, but I try to not get into that situation anyway.

Roll > FADC > backdash would be really useless. Roll on block or on hit is really safe, BUT what Warlike stated, I probably would FADC roll since they probably can reversal. But other than grapplers, never FADC roll and backdash, it pushes your opponent too far to do anything plus it leaves them in block stun.

Anyway I don’t think this is a mindgame jut a useful ex-rolly move.

I’ve only done it like 1 or 2 times, but you guys know how shoto’s would low forward into hadouken? Sit and block in crane, and if you see the low forward coming, boom ex-rolly, and you’ll go straight through the hadouken. Of course you can apply it to shoto’s block strings where they end with a fireball.

The hard part for me is that, I’m usually in mantis, and if you switch stances in between block strings, you get it. Just trying to contribute :] It’ll make them hesitate to throw fireballs after low fowards, and even if you do roll, its safe :]