Jyueeang Buttons good or bad?


Youtube gives me 3 hits, shoryuken gives me like one relevant post per thread regarding quality (its usually “does it work with sanwa switch” or “color match?”).

Unless they changed their name recently all I can tell from my DD is that there isn’t much info on the off brand translucent buttons on Paradise.

I had wanted to buy some Sanwas, but both FA and PA are out of stock on the ones I had wanted. With that said (as I would prefer a sanwa but have no clue how long it takes these stores to restock), what is the quality of these Taiwanese buttons? I don’t auto-condemn something for being generic as “muh brand name” doesn’t always mean superior, but in the case of Sanwa and Seimitsu I have a feeling they rek the competition. Does anyone here have direct experience with Jyueeang Buttons? With regard to switches, the best gaming keyboard I have is an off-brand Thai-language USB .50.

EDIT: I am aware of the stars on the store sites, and as my MO I never trust reviews posted on small stores as the conflict of interest is quite high.