I want to start a discussion about K-Akuma, since shoto’s are all rush down gods.

B&B tactics with akuma:

running dn.jp, mix it up with small jump mk xx lk hurricane kick, or empty small jump into sweep xx hurricane kick.

once you knock them down, you can run up and jab some more, or run up and small jump cross up mk xx lk hurricane kick…

running jabs xx mk demon flip, either grab xx fp dp, or deep fp and keep the pressure up.

if you hit them with a lp dp as an anti air, and you didn’t get all 3 hits, you can run up and dp again to get all the hits.

In K Groove (or a running grove with small jump), Akuma’s all about the rush down, he’s a very fast character, and some people can’t handle the rush down pressure…once they are knocked down, there are lots of high low games you can play with them.

and when you’re raged, abuse the raging demon!

i’ll post more tactics that i use later…


i’ve been trying to increase my rushdown ability with akuma. one thing i can’t quite get the hang of is the running jab blocked string. i’ve been working on getting this down:

cr.jp, cr.jp, cr.jp -> run -> cr.jp -> small j.mk xx lk hurricane kick

simple, right? i’ve had this done on me, and it was a good pressure string. however, when i do it, after the 3rd cr.j, when i go into my run then cr.j, my timing doesn’t seem tight enough. any tips on how to basically do the “run cancelling” so that the opponent remains in block stun (or just came out of it) so i can get in position for another attack?

maybe there’s no trick other than fast execution, but i’m hoping someone could offer some advice.


i found that it’s alot easier to “empty” small jump raging demon by hitting rh and jp together near the end of the small jump, since the rh has way more start up than jp, making it easier for it to not come out in order for you you pull the raging demon

when your character is raged, rush like a madman, mix up your rushing game so that way your opponent won’t know when to block or when to jump out of the way of your raging demon. Plus he’ll do more guard damage when raged, so it would be easier to guard crush into super.

oh, and he crosses up with his low jump mk as well, so you can add that to one of the 20 billion things you can do once your opponent is knocked down.

When your rage meter is running down, DON’T random super unless you make sure that they block it (ie, running jab, mk xx super fireball). Akuma takes damage like a wuss, and you don’t want to get punished for pulling random supers.



if there is a trick to run cancelling jabs, is the distance that you’re at…you have can’t be out of jab range all that much, and what you do is as soon as you run, hit jab and it’ll cancel the run into a jab…that’s about the only advice a can give you about that