K-akumas bnb or combos



my team 4 cvs2 is akuma sagat and geese. I dont no akumas bnb I no some combos wit akuma but im sick of doin the same ones over and over agian. so if u no any plz tell me. and if u no any combos wit geese fell free 2 post some here


I mean feel free to post geese combos


grate thred


Sjabx3 sweep fireball
sjabx2 C.short sweep fireball.
J.RH S.F fireball
i hope that helps




cross up forward, c. short, c. jab, c. rh xx short hurricane kick, deep fierce uppercut. another jab or short can be added in certain situations.

when blocked use cross up forward, c. short, c. jab, c. rh fireball or just cross up forward, s. fierce xx fierce red fireball or maybe cross up, c. jab, c. fierce xx demon flip, mix up from there… hope this helps.


yeah dont wtf me he said feel free to post geese combos so i did.


Akuma: crossover over MK, c.jab, c.short, lk hurricane kick, jab srk. basic bread and butter… least the one i use anyway. if u have a super skip the hurricane kick part and go right into a super.

geese: crossover mk, c.jab,c.short, jaiken.


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man wtf r u doin kcxj my head hurts well fuck u if u r not gonna post and fuckin combos or tip dont bother fuckin posting. and the shit about the canadiens is gettin old so get some new shit


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yeah most of us have more sense than that. but there are a few like him. we ignore those ones thou.


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crossup,c.short, c.jab, c.fiercexxxhcb+fp: builds mad meter and chips good