K Blanka



K Blanka is awesome because K groove is awesome,

Like everyone said small jump is insane. Raged hes soooo scarey.
The only problem he can have is people turtling when he gets raged. The coolest way to beat that is to hop jump forward then super. It almost always tricks ur opponent and nails em for huge damage (u get great priority from any attemp made to stop u). Only catch is its hard to do.
Within hopping distance from your opponent charge back. As u do the motion to do ur super (back, forward, back, forward) tap the three kick buttons just before the first foward motion. The hard part is making sure the joystick is in a neutral position when u press the kick buttons. It takes practise. But once u get it wow what a difference for K Blanka. Once people start getting scared of forward hops u can always hop in and just grab (still does good damage raged).
Im still getting to know K Blanka but so far hes awesome and alota fun.




one trick (not just for K groove) with blanka is when you have meter sweep them or something to knock them down, while maintaining charge… then do electric ball and time it so that the ball gets on their other side as they get up… maybe an old trick, yeah i think ive seen it long time ago but never really see anyone doing it regularly, only recently have i seen a video of that. i just tried it at an arcade today and amazingly i got it right at first try… it should be crazy hard to block because the ball is so fast you cant really know which side it’s going to land on, and there are ppl who dont even know about this kind of cross up. besides, if you are down and someone does a lv 3 electric ball from your front, you’d hold backward to block too no matter what…


This is fairly old, Its not too hard to block if you are waiting for them to do it, you have a bit of time as you get up to determine which side of you he will be on, I think people dont use it often because it’s random if it hits or not… like 50/50 chance it hits or gets blocked…


Also, characters that don’t suck can escape it completely with LK cannon spike or LP tiger uppercut.


Hop super doesn’t work as well you as might think. Especially in a non-rc groove. Most people just hit you before you hop finishes, not because they’re worried about the super, but they’re worried about the throw.

And as for the cross-up super, that one is very useful, cause most people don’t know that it’s super vunerable. Anyone with a wake up move (Ryu with shoryuken, Sagat with Tiger uppercut, etc.) can hit you out clean all the time, and the game is kind enough to switch directions for them. As a note, you can also pull off the cross up super with using standing FP as anti air. I’m trying to do it using jump up fp, but i’m not sure if the opponent bounces high enough for the super to reach on time.