K' dash avartar request


I will be internally grateful if some one made me a K’dash avartar. The background color should be the same as my current one. The K’ sprite should be the Pic when he throws the glasses when does his chaindriver (right when he extends his arm when he throws the glasses). On the avartar could you put the words “Plaer_Dos” in a evil font. Thnx:D


I’ll do it if you post the sprite.


thats the thing… I don’t know where to get the sprite. I will try to find one. But could you try to please:D .


Wait i found a good one, here it is,


Here it is:


– tru3tn01
"down for the cause"


nice stuff dude


ohh man this is great. Perfect. Thnx man
i appreciate it!!!:smiley: