K-Force K4s kof 2002 challenge at evo .. join ! ^__^

Well, I still havent talk with my teammates about this but I want to make money matches against ANYONE that wants it at EVO 2005. $10, $20, $40, $50 … u name it !

Format :

Neo Geo AES will be used.
You are allowed to bring your controller ( I guess it has to be one with neogeo compatibility … ) or u can use ours ( perfect 360 one ).
First to win 5 games gets the money.
No Rugal.
You are allowed to change your team after winning or losing.

I know I said this challenge is to ANYONE … but u know what I meant … anyone from shoryuken … the texas, florida, new york players that think they have the enough skills in themselves in order to beat me ^__~ .

they will rape me =/

fixed ^___^

so what happened ? … no one wants to take the challenge ?

aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww :sad:

it’s not that no one wants to take the challenge… it’s that no one plays this shitty ass game ;D!! <3… I play it though, I just really really really suck. :[

You Mean a PS2 Controller?

ill take the challenge but im still not sure if i can go so ill keep u posted on that situation.

Sounds good man … this challenge is especially for you guys from Texas … so I hope this becomes a reality.

The challenge can only be played on neogeo compatible sticks … its gonna be on a neogeo … not a ps2 or DC.

It really sucks now to be a KOF player. My arcade just removed KOF because I was the only player using the machine. I’m the last Hardcore player left in central Canada it seems since the KOF '97 craze back in 1997. It feels like the game is now completely dead here. :sad:

im down :slight_smile:

A grudge between KForce members ?! :wow:

lol :party:


Good one nate

Wow that really sucks, KOF is like crazy alive here in BC, but that’s probably because we have the most Asians in all of Canada. lol

U should tell those asians to come to EVO.

yeha, i’ll step up…im just tryin to have some fun this year

edit: not just members, co-founders!

Id be down if I could A - at least play on a ps2 pad or a good RAP stick, and / or B - have it be 98.
well see what the BYOC has to offer when we get there…

anybody wants a team challenge. 5 on 5

K-FORCE - Other than the San Antonio SC2/Tekken players, no other comunities will go to Evo. Trust me. (Yes, this includes the Culebra KoF players, MAYBE like 1-2 people may go. Yall dont even leave Culebra. MAYBE for another KoF tourney but out of state? Doubtful. And this is coming from someone WITHIN yalls community who told me this.) Dont yalls hopes up K-FORCE.

Well atleast will all place top 8 :tup:

1st. JAPAN
2nd. JAPAN

:clap: WOW I can already imagine it. :encore:

BTW where in the hell is culebra at, do they even have arcades and play KOF. We have never heard that they had a community. :confused:

Culebra is a main street here on the Northwest side of SA. When i say Culebra, i mean the Diversions arcade ON Culebra. And when i said no other communities from SA would go, i meant the SA KoF community.

Im from the Culebra community and if I dont have football practice on those days im gonna go.

Ill believe it when i see it.