K-FORCE vs Arturo & J.Wong- money match!

Ok, someone has told me that you guys think you are the shit in SNK games ( SVC and KOF ). Arturos almighty Zero and dunno which character Justin uses … they can rape anyone anytime … even against “supposed good SNK players”.

Well … we are gonna go to evolution to play KOF and SVC ( we dont even care if there arent gonna be tourneys for those games ) to see hows the level of other players.

You think you guys are THAT good ?
Then lets play for money.

K4 & Eric The Beast VS Arturo & J.Wong … SVC matches.

Personally I would like to have a grudge match against Arturo in SVC. $100 first to get to 10 wins … ZERO vs ZERO.
Man, dont say I dont pay for my bets like at that time at NCR 2003 … this is for real and Im trying to make it official by posting this thread.

Shit man … that rape you did to me at the regionals with zero … changed my style of play … if you cant beat your enemies ( ZERO ) … JOIN THEM ! :cool:

But for real … as of now … Eric The Beast has the best O. Iori in the US ( at least ).
Our ratio is 3-1 on his favor … but Im trying harder … Zeros pussyness will resurrect !

Post Batch :slight_smile:


holy Jesus…

Hi, I might be going to Evo. If I do, I’ll play you in KOF 2002 for money for first to 10 :). Maybe only $50 though… But where would it happen? They don’t have a cabinet as far as I know.

Dude we are going to do the SNK REVOLUTION there will be many consoles to play on.

thats the thing though, DC 2k2 has a delay, i also felt there was some spacing issues but that could of been CAUSE the delay.

i ll bet money on walchuk.

if anyone can furnish a KOF2k2 cart you guys can have this grudge match on my AES i supply at least one MAS stick & one old style NeoGeo stick…

dibs on the MAS!!1

lucky day for you my friend, KOF 2k2 is my main game … so if u wanna bet $50 first of 10 at that game … its on :cool:

just present yourself that u wanna play with me for money …

hopes that we get nametags at EVO so we can see whos who

I don’t even know if I’m going to EVO.

how come d00d? what might hold ya back from this year? i hope ya make it :frowning:

Sweet. I just want to play some KOF2k2, so I don’t mind spending a little money in the process :). If it’s the DC version though, then I’ll pass.

nah im sure we have 2002 on AES on lock

Can we use Playstation controllers on the AES?
If not, I’ll give that NeoGeo stick a try maybe, but I’ll have to see how it feels.

its tight but you can feel the “rigidiness” of 8 sides on it

art, you have to go…

dont worry about paying me back, you can have the free ticket from scott, that’s an extra 100 bucks in your wallet right there…


The game will be on AES and will have 360 MASS STICKS :cool:, so there is no excuse. Unless you are looking for one :rolleyes:

I bet that shit with you in SVC and KOF. Lets go

Glad to heare you so energetic. Now its official


Thanks for accepting our invitation, also you are welcome to bring a team to reprecent EA in our 2k2, 2k3, and 98 TEAM tournaments.

Arturo not coming ? … awwwwwwwwwwww

I only wanted him to see THE ZERO he created … aka MY ZERO :cool:

Walchuk, you say you will only play 2002 on ps controllers and not on the DC right ?
mmmmmhhh … then I assume you dont play it or have played it seriously at the arcades … maybe only on kaillera … maybe you have played kofiend on the internet and in his opinion you are a good player … thats why he is betting money on you.
Dunno man … in my experience … every player that dont play KOF at the arcades havent been a challenge to me.
How about we double the bet … $100 ?

Cool that Justin accepted the challenge … I will only play you at 2k2 and svc however.
Since Arturo isnt confirmed for EVO ( dunno why ) I dont know how we are going to do this coz I want to play you and also my friend Eric that has one of the best Riot Ioris around the world ( :cool: ) … he wins more than I do right now so he will probably want to bet money playing against you …

But I really would like a 2 vs 2 money match …
Come on Art, you are the best zero player in the world … YOU KNOW you can rape me again eh ? … :rolleyes: