K-Groove Balrog?

I have a hard time using this combination. For Balrog to be played you need to be constantly holding a charge. I can’t seem to manage Just Defense and a charge at the same time unless I am charging his headbutt, and even then the Just Defends I pull off are pretty shady. Is there any tricks to this, or is K and C Balrog two completly different styles of play?

P.S Any pixie characters that can go under his S.Fierce are even more vulnerable to his S.Roundhouse. The priority is much higher and it will connect with any character, it just dosn’t snuff jumps as hard as S.Fierce will, the upside to this is you can c.jab X 3, S.Roundhouse and not fear a roll coming your way since the frames on his roundhouse are done before any pixie character can fit a RAT in.

The Pixie killer = Jumping Roundhouse, C.jab, C.Fierce, S.Roundhouse, Low rush jab, roll, throw.

The trick to pixies is to zone within the tip of your low rush jab, crouching fierces, and standing roundhouse. After you start putting them in pressure chains you snuff them with headbutt and level 1 supers.