K-groove help against Sakura

i’m currently practicing K-groove geese/yama and having a really hard time stopping Sakura’s hurriken kick even when it’s not RC’ed. Once I am forced to block one of the hurriken kicks it seems I can’t do anything?

In the corner I would jd all three hits of the hurriken kick (without the finisher) and it seems like Sakura STILL recovers faster than me since when I try to crouch jab her afterwards with Geese her own jab beats me to it instead.

So can someone give me a clue as to how to counter Sakura’s hurriken trap with no DP or rolls? Right now it seems I just have to JD really well and hope I get a full meter before she does :confused:

This is just a general “is it do-able” question. Normally I’d be in C-groove and this isn’t even a problem.

who are you using?

he uses geese yama cant u read=/

anyway, with geese use ur super when shes about to land… and try throwing…

or do u mean in a groove her cc combo???

with yama… i dont know, try to keep her away with dust kicks, slashes and roundhouse… thats all i know, if u got super, do it when shes landing

no just regular

she gets me into the corner and starts to do hurriken kicks over and over again. She’ll do crouching jab, hurriken kick, and repeat. Even if I JD everything it seems she STILL recovers faster than me wtf?

I think she either has frame advantage no matter what or it’s even. There’s not much to do in that situation, which is why people abuse it and partly why I don’t play anymore lol

o. oops. i’m not too good with those characters yet, so i can’t really say, sorry.:frowning:

She does have frame advantage after you JD a roundhouse hurricaine. With those two characters you can counter in between the c.lp and the rh.hurricane.

With Geese you can counter it if it’s far, JD standing if it’s pretty close. I’m not absolutely sure, but I think when you JD standing you recover from blockstun faster… You could simply jump straight up if you know it’s coming (same as jumping when you see Cammy’s spiral arrows) and then attack… you could jump back and avoid the hurricane kick all together…

Dude, command hop back with Blanka. The only Sak hurricane that gives frame advantage is the hard version, and the second hit of hard hurricane hits high along with having 3 frame GAPS in between hits. That’s a free hop back, level 3 everytime. If Sak uses medium hurricane, then she’s at -1. Whoever jabs first then will win. Don’t just give up and quit… :bluu:

Both regular and up Blanka balls leave the ground instantly and hit on the 2nd frame btw.

he says hes in the corner… i dont think u can hop back :confused:

Test it out for yourself first. Then come back and tell me whether you can hop back or not…

waits until comp finally does shouken =/

ok i think i was wrong =/ my bad

so based on everything i read so far, i can jab sakura out of the hurriken kick if i block the crouching jab with geese and yama, right?

i think so… and btw, why dont u consider an extra R1 character? it could help you, maybe sagat who can possibly dp her out with some luck if you see it coming, or a blanka who can super her prolly… all good in K

Um I don’t use Blanka. Anyway I think i’d rather quit :slight_smile:

my third character is bison, i just teleport out :smiley:

Okay. Dealing with Sak when you’re in K-Groove isn’t that hard. Once she has meter and activates, then you’re in deep shit. I stopped using K-Groove a lot because of it. If you can JD 7 hits of uppercut after JDing whatever she sticks out to start the combo, you’re good. That’s assuming she didn’t crack your ass with a normal first, if you’re getting hit, you’re screwed. There’s no real way out of the custom, not that I know. There is no player I fear, but anyone using A-Sak is a serious threat to a K-Groover. If you’re a K-Groove player against A-Sak, take off whatever you can before she gets meter, and run like a little bitch with a skinned knee. If you’re up against some insanely consistent player like that slut Ricky, switch grooves. Or learn how to JD insane amounts of hits. I’ve tried JDing the first hit and trading a jab or something, but no one’s jab is fast enough to trade with the rest of the uppercut hits. Maybe Rolento…too bad I don’t use that fuck. In any event, there’s no real safe way to deal with a meter whoring A-Groove Sakura in K-Groove.

You do realize that you basically spend a paragraph contradicting your first sentence right? If it was sarcastic though, very good.