K groove Ken?



I recnetly started playing K (after playing N, than C for a while). My Ken seems to play better in C or N, even A, and I’m no that great with CCs. He’s one of my best characters so he’s not COMPLETELY crippled, but sometimes I think I should switch him out for a Geese, Iori, Terry or even a Hibiki. Should I switch him out? Does Ken suck in K? Kinda seems like it. BTW I use a Rock and lv2 Sagat.


ken plays sorta like a watered down ryu in k-groove…and in n-groove also. personally i think n-groove ken would lose to k-groove ken too. since his jab is kinda like ryu’s you can jab run jab run, etc. You can even use his lil roll too. I saw on a japaneese vid he had somebody in the corner and did a j.fp,c.fp, roll, c.jab x 2, c.rh, fireball. you talk about guard damage, now that did alot…but u can’t abuse it.

Also, i can’t really tell you how to use them but his hcf+kick moves are very useful in block strings i think. remember…he is a shoto so tick throw a lot with that c.jab

i almost forgot…his backwards dp and kick is a VERY good move, especially for people fireball happy.


I started using him in K as well. I think he is pretty awesome, and K suits his rush pretty well. The fact that he gains a Lv3 super very quickly is great. He can use his Shippu a lot more frequently to punish mistakes from a great distance (that move is almost instantaneous and has great start up range). IMO, when he gets the Lv.3, his rushdown becomes just as good as Ryu’s, since any poke he connects from any range will lead to the Shippu:D His Bnb’s hurt quite a bit when you are enraged and his JD help with his rushdown.