K groove question


starting to learn this groove and want it to know has there been another theard that list the free stuff u get off successful JDs-i find that with characters with quick attacks like zaki’s S. RH can JD meaties and retaliate-can any more eperience k-groove user give me more details on the strengths of JD which isnt as free as parrying


If i recall correctly Jding makes any attack have 3 frames of block stun. I normaly can retaliate after JDing most hard punches or kicks as long as i use a fairly quick move. Jding medium attacks is pretty character specific, but i usaully find I can punish those with really quick moves like DPs/jabs n such if they were close enough. Jding weak attacks will usaully get you thrown (i think a buffered dp would stop this not sure)if your opponet was expecting you to JD. In that case u need a move thats no slower than 2 frames of startup. The only one I can think of is geifs spd which has 1 frame of start up. One thing im uncertant about is aerial JDs and how long it takes to retaliate, but it seems faster than grounded JDsnot counting the bounce. A lot of supers are really good after JD. For the most part though you wont get a lots of free attacks after a JD, but it will force your opponet to change up his strat a bit. I dont think thats there been a list like the one u mentioned but ill make one of moves i feel are good after Jds. Ohh yeah I add the JD to the motion of the move im going to do after the JD. Forexample a DP would be …B or DB, F,D,DF+P. almost forgot try throwing after JDs especially Jump ins, they dont always work though. To sum it up quick supers throws, DPs, and jabs all can work but require the right setup.

Kims rush supers
Giefs spd and super spd(prolly the best at this)
Goukis teleport and instant hell murderer(hard!)
Blanka direct lighting super and his back hop
Sagats hot foot super
Joes double tornado super
geeses raging storm
rocks Shine knuckle super
Raidens command throw and super throw
Guiles sonic hurricane(hard!)
Ryus shinshoryuken
kens shinryuken and kick suoer
Rolentos trip wire super
hibikis fatal flash super, dodge stuff,and her qcf slash for distanced JDs


been busy, forget to thank Cantrip for the knowlegde thanx bro


I didn’t read all the stuff the guy above me put down (which looks quite useful and elaborate), but from my experience in K-Groove, the most consistent time you can attack off a JD, is after you JD an air attack, especially Air - Air.

One more thing, if you JD let’s say Ryu’s jump in MK, and you can’t get an attack off in time to retaliate (it happens), you should automatically look to JD some sort of low attack, like with Ryu his rapid c.short kicks. Almost everyone I’ve seen play, including myself, follow jump in’s with low attacks hoping to link into some sort of combo.

You can usually get a throw in after the first JD on the low attack. Especially if you are using Sagat.

Hope that helps.


I am not to sure of it but I think that sakura’s level three super where she does the low kicks would also work. It has about the same start up as sagat’s hot foot super. Also Chun’s level 3 fireball should work cuz of the crazy invincibility frames which means if they block than they will not get hit but if they continue the string or poke than the will get hit.
the goose is right air to air is usually the best time to JD and try to counter.