K groove tactics



I’m trying to move over from N groove to K groove. My main characters in the past were balrog (claw), blanka, sagat, geese, honda.

What kind of things will K groove give Blanka? I mean, the standard things of course - but anything tricky about Blanka in particular with K groove? The way I’m seeing things is that Blanka is nice and manoverable anyway with his command dash, so the loss of roll isn’t a huge problem (his roll is pretty cack anyway).

What would be my counter of choice after a ground-based JD, or an AA JD?


Blanka would be played just the same as in any run groove, the jd you have to remember isnt necessarily a counter. As you dont get any frame advantage for doing it. It does help to build up your bar and for that little extra life, but its still the basic Blanka gameplay no different. In fact its generally harder to get a super to hit as your opponent is usually running from you once rage is on.


Just remember to abuse your low jump and take advantage of JD. Be able to JD normal AAs and special move AAs and counterattack with j.RH/Fierce, believe me, that damage ads up over time.


Not at all,fuck the extra life,JD is for giving Blanka a safe jump opportunity,it allows him to counter afterward,its a simple as that,no SRK or cannon spike can hit Blanka because he justs just defend and kick the ass of anyone in the air,and still blanka is a whore in rage,right people wanna run away,but the gauge is long enough so you can force your opponent to do a mistake,cross him up and electricity and bad too,he wont be able to run away very long,and with that tactic you can guard crush him,force your opponent to jump then SUPER!!! Blanka K-Groove is pretty fearsome,I know a great player who plays him,and running away just wont help when hes in rage.


That’s all well and good but what if cammy buffers cannon spike from st jab, or does two lk ones in a row, or waits and throws upon landing? there’s never a really safe jump-in, especially with air throw characters. But definitely a raged blanka instills fear in anyone (p and k groove have less worries). when raged just blatantly bite Ino’s style and short jump rh and confuse them with command hop. I also notice good players will try empty short jumps and go for cr lk, st jab XX ball super.


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