K-groove vice team



yama, sagat, vice this team has won me a tournament ha! Guess they didnt expect k-groove to not include rock/akuma:lol:


Yeah I like vice, shes got the the whole pain=pleasure
thing down to a science:lol:

Whip that shit down!!!:evil:



I know some1 that will shut Vice down

K groove Bison, yamazaki, and Kyo or Iori ask bardinfalsegod


hmmm… it seems vice beat all three…yes i guess im the man then right?:smiley:


I know of a K groove team that doesn’t include Rock or Akuma


what Team?

what team can stand up tp K-groove Vice w/o rock or Akuma?
Bardifalsegod play me in the PS2 version


Check my sig!


ps2 version gba version whatever it takes to get you to believe


lord chisolm thats cbs the best team in the whole damn game they stop everything.


A sakura,bison,blanka is another scary team :bluu: