K-Groove Zangief



Is Zangief playable in this groove? My current K-Groove team is Bison/Vega 1, Zangief 2, Yamazaki 1. I had Zangief in N-Groove for a while, and then A-Groove for a bit, but I want to get into K-Groove with him. Is this a good idea?


of course man! justdefend 360 zangief is great in k groove he gets 2 supers as a level 1


he definitely is playable, but K groove Zangief has some bad matchups in my opinion. Anyone with a good poking game makes Zangief’s life hell, such as Cammy, Sagat, Blanka, Bison, etc…


jd, spd is really great, but…2 supers as a level 1?

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K-Zangief is the best IMO. His bad matches are the same in all grooves cause his roll is not good, it’s only good for RC. He can sit back and JD and make the opponent come to him, which is where Zangiefs best range is at. I hate RC Running Bear Grabs:mad:


What are the properties of the 2 lariets? I’m having trouble with sakura st rd. Sometimes punch lariets work as anti air, sometimes, not, what gives? Is his head vulnerable or something? yea if someone could drop some lariat/anti poke knowledge, that would be cool.

Also, what should K gief mentality be? i try to play an agressive geif but his low jump fierce/splash usually get shut down by early sakura roundhouse or cr. fierce. What are his best air to ground attacks? Is patience the way to go or is there another approach?


Punch lariat hits high attacks, and kick lariat hits mid attacks I think is the difference in the properties.

I play zangief paitently. His jump ins are ok at best, but his ground game is great. C.FP, S.Fp both good pokes. S.MK is an EXCELLENT poke to use to punish wiffed pokes, and has quick recovery. C.mk has a very long range, as a bonus it is good to know this poke goes under sagat’s s.Fp whores… The only way to effectively use his lariat, is crouch, when your opponent is where your head would be standing up use it. Otherwise use S.RH or s.lp as an anti air, they are fairly effective.

If sakura’s s.RH is a problem, you just need to play a poking game with her, not impossible with zangief. C.Fp is a great poke, just make sure you don’t throw it out randomly. S.mk any missed s.rh she throws out. After you hitting her enough times I am pretty sure she will switch up her game plan.