K Groove ?

Hey i have recently started playing k groove im pretty good a JD but i use geese and cammy and chun-li but i heard that chun-li in k groove is not 2 effective can any 1 give me a list of really good characters 2 use in k groove??? THanx

Chun Li needs a way to store meter so that she can be a threat at all times… C-groove probably her best groove… Geese is one of the best K-groove characters and same with Cammy… I’d say the following characters are the best K-groove characters in no order:


Some decent characters in K:

Blanka (he’s good in every groove though)

There are K-groove threads around already, but I guess I can’t tell you to use the search function:p Anyway, try searching for those for more info…

i suggest u play sagat, sagat is top tier imo, blanka as well, but u need to know alot of shit like hop super… u need to have patience (emtpy small jumps upward and stuff) and u cannot rc, so its pretty much waiting till the opponent jumps to knock them out of the air with blanka ball… its pretty hard if u only know him moderately… hes a good choice though

Try Cammy, Sagat, Blanka

I think Eagle isn’t very good in K, since he doesn’t have his hop to do his mix up. plus he’s like chun in the sense that he loves meter (well, A-Groove meter).

Ryu’s also pretty good in K groove…cross up small jump mk xx shin sho = ggpo.

On the same token, Akuma isn’t bad either, Raging Demon setups like crazy…shoto’s are best in running groove imo.

Rugal is decent ask well, as he can catch up to his own fireball when he runs, and his l3 supers do alot of damage.

terry is the best K Groove character try him out everything is for freeeeeee

i like todo, joe, ken f’n masters, yamazaki, and raiden in K Groove too