K- Haohmaru, Rock/Athena, Blanka

This is a side team i’d be really intrested in. If you have a few mins check out page 3 of the most recent haohmaru thread( http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21727&perpage=&pagenumber=3 ). It took me a few minutes to write it and I’d appreciate some feedback, good or bad.
it’s going to take some time for me to learn Haohmaru, and Rock but theres enough blanka stuff out there for me to play him decently in about a month.

What’s up man, remember me?..evo

anyway…good BnB is cr. short x 2, fierce Dp…slightly easier to pull off.
Forward + Dp is good too.
Jumping mp is good air to air , jumping Mk is good also.
Other than that, everything else is great…
Good job. :smiley:

Fake posts are awesome… anyway, bnb is d.LK, s.LP xx dp+HP. The standing jab hits mid and chains just as well a d.LK, so no point doing less damage (also making the combo harder too) by doing d.LK, d.LK. None of the dp’s are good on their own. You either need to do them early (ie. you safe fall, and the other guy jumps at you), or roll cancel them. In those cases, just use HP version instead (you’re screwed if you whiff or are blocked at any strength anyway).

Good job. :smiley:

of course! The humming and singing of those cvs2 songs Still haunt me in my dreams. But I know you could not forget my joyous arm raise of victory.

Actually reading back on the post now, it’s not too good. I’ll probably give it a rewrite later. Thanks for the advice.

Heh, one of my teams is K - Hibiki/Rock/Haohmaru(2).

Just thought I’d post with that.

But yes, that thread is good.