K Hibiki

Started to get back into her again, only this time I’m using K. Post your opinions, strats or questions on her. I have a few of my own.

  1. A-Rolento kills my Hibiki. Lots of RC’s, including RC Taunt to keep me from closing in, and bcakwards rolls, knives, and scouter jumps. What does she have to stop him?

  2. How useful is her dodge special? I usually get hit out of it if and when I try it.

  3. This one may sound noobish. Why is K Hibiki>P Hibiki? It seems like Hibiki doesn’t really play rushdown or rely on single damaging moves or big combos, and can’t really throw out supers in a blocked string. P groove lets you sit on meter, and parrying can get you a free DP+K in some situations, or at least her cr.lkx3,cr.lp,QCF+lp B&B. Does it have to do with quick recovery versus tactical? And since A-Hibiki is so widely used, her dash can’t be that bad.

I also noticed that her j.rh is surprisingly good air to air. Does she just go too high to be hit by alot of moves while she’s spinning?

Dodge is good for kara-cancelling the 2nd hit of close s.fierce if you use close s.fierce for AA and it gets JD’d.

I think Buk wrote up some stuff against Rolento in the OLD thread he had. All I remember was walk forward and then find a good range where you can react to Scouter Jumps and wall jumps to keep him from running all day long…

Hibiki’s Dash is actually pretty good. Running does let you get in after knockdowns for her mixups, though.