K.i.T! - 2/5/2011 - Knoxville, TN

Y’all been waiting…Y’all been askin…The time is here!!

Kumite in Tennessee 2011 Namco-Bandai Sponsored Event

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Copa Cabana
2619 Chapman Hwy
Knoxville, TN

Tyson McGee Airport - Alcoa, TN

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion (PS3)
Super Streetfighter IV (XBOX360)
Blaz Blue: Continuum Shift (XBOX360)

Venue Fee:

Entry Fee:

1st - 70%; FREE Badge, Entry, and seeding at Final Round XIV
2nd - 20%; FREE Badge, Entry, and seeding at Final Round XIV
3rd - 10%

1st - 70%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%

1st - 70%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%


3/5 matches; 3/5 rounds; Double Jeopardy Continuation Rules
Shoulder buttons allowed, macros are not.
Random stage select
Winner must keep character, loser may change

2/3 matches, 2/3 rounds
Only Default macros allowed.
Winner keeps character, Ultra; loser may change.

2/3 matches; 3/5 rounds;
Console characters allowed.
Winner keeps character, loser may change.

This is a ONE DAY EVENT. Everyone who enters the venue will be charged the venue fee unless they bring a full setup (TV, PS3/Xbox360, SSF4/T6) To recieve the venue fee waiver you MUST be at the venue by 10am. Registration and casuals will begin at 8am. Registration and casuals will close at noon. Tourney will begin promptly at 1pm. Brackets will be seeded by region. Please stay on site for tournament, if you are more than 10 minutes late for any round you will b DQ’d. Personal controllers ARE allowed, however Home button presses will result in AUTOMATIC DQ. A desync station will b readily available. In game pauses will result in the loss of the round. This tournament will b held at a club, so please bring a valid state ID or passport, you will b checked by club security upon entering the venue, because there will be alcohol on the premises. If you are caught attempt to purchase an alcoholic and are not 21, you may be asked to leave the venue without a refund. No outside food or drinks please. The tournament will b run on a tight schedule because we must have the venue cleared by 10 pm.

This event will b live streamed!

**T6 Preregistration list: Brackets run by Vandy

  1. Jio (East TN)
  2. Trungy (TN/VN)
  3. Vandy (VN/TN/MX)
  4. Codez (Mid TN)
  5. KodeeVu (Mid TN)
  6. I Eat Bamboo (East TN)
  7. Bloodashes (East TN)
  8. Ciinder (East TN)
  9. Drew (East TN)
  10. Ryan (East TN)
  11. Lil Majin (West TN) KiT 2010 Champ
  12. Shinblade (West TN)
  13. FlyMike (West TN)
  14. Anakin (ATL/VN) MLG Dallas Champ
  15. Pokchop (ATL)
  16. Clint (ATL)
  17. BigWord (MD)
  18. DaddyNeptune (OH)
  19. Cordy (East TN)
  20. Waygamble (FL)
  21. Ofdp? (Upstate NY)
  22. Gen-Lo (OK)
  23. Jody the Great (STL)
  24. Drum-EFX (ATL)
  25. Guerilla S. (NC)
  26. Gamer X (TN)
  27. Exalted (NY)
  28. Sluch (KY)
  29. krazeejl (TN)
  30. Nocturnal Zen
  31. FightingGM aka LGS del Rio (NY)
  32. Sayco (MD)
  33. Aceunlimited (NC)
  34. ShinkuuR (GA)
  35. Silent Symphony (NC)
  36. String Cheese (TN)
  37. Atl_Redd (ATL)
  38. Me_Red (ATL)
  39. Big Boi (ATL)
  40. Ben111 (Upstate NY)
  41. Numba 6 (ATL)
  42. Bloodhawk (NY)
  43. NycFab (NY)
  44. Phunnykid (UNY)
  45. LingMassacre (UNY)
  46. JustFrameJames (Socal)
  47. Icege (SC)
  48. Cool Breeze (ATL)
  50. Crazy K (ATL)
  51. Damus (NY)
  52. Blood Red (NY)
  53. Zac (ATL)

SSF4 Preregistration List:

  1. Cale (TN)
  2. RaginRaven (TN)
  3. krazeejl (TN)
  4. G-ram (TN)
  5. TrippFan (TN)
  6. ShinkuuR (GA)
  7. Kharisma Kid (GA)
  8. Lil Majin (TN)
  9. Lolpenguinlol (KY)
  10. Cool Breeze (ATL)
  11. Negro Justice (TN)
  12. Boom Cube (TN)
  13. Jake the Snake (TN)
  14. Grimstar (TN)
  15. Chithappens
  16. German Luger (STL)

BB:CS Preregistration List:

  1. Lil Majin
  2. Bishop
  3. Grimstar

T6 Set-Up List

  1. IEatBamboo
  2. Bloodashes
  3. Anakin
  4. Ashley
  5. Ciinder
  6. Linuka

SSF4 Set-Up List

3. Lolpenguinlol
4. Negro Justice
5. Trungy
6. Jio

PM me or Trungy for housing and transportation information.

Lets make this the KIT the BIGGEST HYPEST KRUNKEST tournament yet! Kumite in Tennessee 2011

Hi jio, If you keep up with the TN thread then you know Josh is 14 (he will be 15 by Feb). If it is okay for him to come to this tournament then add him to the prereg list for SSF4. Joshua Spoon- “Ragingraven”. I think if you guys can do 360’s he would prefer that for SSF4 but he will have a new PS3 by then so either one is okay. I know Josh will be looking forward to this and I know I am definitely looking forward to a local tournament and not having to drive anywhere. LOL!



hi crystal, ive heard about the young sf prodigy and his performance in a gamestop tourney a while ago, ill straighten things out with management, itll b no problem for him to enter the tourney/ venue. As for xbox, i know we will have at least 2 xbox’s available for tourney, but for the most part ps3’s are tournament standard.

Not sure if there is an actual prereg process, or if it’s just a list of people saying they are coming. If the latter, sign me up for SSF4 (as “Cale”). Thanks!

I would come if SSF4 was on xbox because my TE sticks are not dual modded and i will not use my ps3 SE stick in a tournament. If it becomes an Xbox tournament sign me up.

it seems people would prefer an xbox tourney for sf…

Are you talking about that tournament at Gamecrazy in Alcoa? Were you there? Have we met? Thanks for getting it straight so that Josh can attend this. It would really suck if the one time a tournament was actually in Knoxville he couldn’t attend. LOL! Hopefully you all will have enough Xbox’s to have SSF4 on Xbox. Josh was wondering if you all will do a teams tournament for SSF4?

Crystal - I didn’t attend but a few friends of mine were there who told me about him. But I’m sure I will meet y’all. I’m always looking foward to meeting new people in the FG community.
Where u SF heads at, only 5 entrants! …

Come on mane!

Sign me up for SSF4. Imma try to make it to this one.

Coo. I will post with updated list for both ssf4 and t6 soon.

Are a lot of the Tekken players also playing SSF4? I am just hoping that there is a bigger turnout than the 6 that are registered (but hey that is 5 more than Josh usually has to play against in Knoxville). :wgrin:

im sure that sum of the tekken people will play street fighter esp. the atlanta players. the tourney is still 2 months away, so there is plenty of time to register…im surprised that i havent had more feedback from the nashville 2d scene.

I figured the Atlanta guys would. Josh has played with them before. Keep posting in the TN thread. I will stay on them too. LOL!!

I’ll be there to play some vidya gamez. Woohoo

Rules updated! Lets get hype…


Its really helpful if everyone preregisters for the event so we can save time seeding the brackets the day of.

you can sign me up for SSF4. I can bring a full xbox setup as well.

Already signed up on Tekken Zaibatsu but here you go:

Trayveon Maxwell


Kenneth Brown
Crazy K

Haywood “Magnicious”

Deadly Rave Neo
T6 (And anything Kof)

So it’s only Super & T6 correct?