K.. I'm back with another dumb question... Square gate vs Octagon?

Why do some people prefer octagon gates instead of square gates? I just ordered a hrap3 and it is a square gate… I was wondering if I should get used to it? Something about half circles being easier to execute on one than the other? Different feel? I know in my other post I mentioned I only play Tekken (which is true…ish) but I actually have Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter and I’m considering picking up blazblue since my boyfriend and a friend speak highly of it.

There are tutorials on youtube I am sure to switch out the gate on a hrap so I won’t even bother asking…

and just to make sure I searched and found correctly - the start/select buttons are 24mm and the rest of the buttons are 30mm? And I don’t think I caught what size ball top is on it… what do you recommend? I want to switch it for another color.


Square gate is more common I think, and other than that it comes down to preference and what type of movements you think a particular gate might help or hinder. Although many players do not touch the stick all the way to the side of the gate, I recommend starting with a square gate or else get both gates so you can switch and see.

Doing an auto-correct shoryuken by sliding between downforward and downback is easier on a squaregate, but moves that require a strict left or right motion such as Vega’s flipkick are a little easier on octagonal when first starting out. Still, the difference is negligible and again I recommend the square gate because it’s simply more common.

I don’t know about what button sizes you need.

People who main charge characters seem to love the square, and people who play with command characters tend to like octagonal gates, and people who use grapplers like circular gates. Really I main charge characters, but have no problem pulling off TK cannon strikes and things of that nature with a square gate. If you do happen to develop gdlk hand motions, only using the click of the microswitches to cue which direction you are holding you won’t need to worry about any gates

the vast majority of people play on square gate no matter what kind of character they play. all japanese arcade cabs are square gates and those guys seem to manage okay

OP: You might want to read the stick sticky if you haven’t already:

Start/Select buttons: 24mm. Regular buttons: 30mm. Standard Balltop: 35mm.

It’s all preference. It’s not the kind of thing someone can answer for you. I had a square gate, and got an octogate about 2 weeks ago I can’t really tell the difference personally. The only real change I saw was that since I play Guy, when I do his command elbow in the air I don’t accidentally hit down forward in the air anymore and not get the command elbow.

For any Fei Long or Cammy players who switched from a square to octagon did it make much of a difference? i used to be able to do rekka combos with ease but now for some reason when i do the rekka motion i miss the down forward command quite often and it doesnt come out.

try out the:square gate/buttons/balltop, if you don’t like them…you can change them later.

I recently bought an octo gate for my Sanwa stick. and I have to say, I actually prefer the Square Gate. I play Ken and other shotos, but I surprisingly prefer the square gate. The square gate feels “tighter” than the octo gate. It felt like my hand required less motion to move the stick with the square gate. The octo isn’t bad tho. Besides, most arcades, and most other ppl’s stick (if you are ever over your bud’s house n your playing w/ his fightstick) use the square gate, so you might as well get comfortable with it. I’m sure with a little more practice, I’d like the octo as well. I’d say just try them both.

pretty much. people can tell you this kind of gate for this character, blah blah, but it really doesn’t make that big of a difference.

Square gate’s better for a vast majority of people, but you’re welcome to use an octagonal gate if you think it’d help you. While some prefer it, I’d never recommend it over a square gate if someone asked my opinion. The square gate lets you always know where you’re at and doesn’t handicap you. If you’re a beginner, it’ll seem like it has a steeper learning curve, but it’ll be worth it.