K Iori blows?

Does he? heh i saw some poeple say that K was his worst along with P…I use K and i occasionally use him. Why shouldn’t I? Is there a major drawback?

Well, yes. He has no roll- rolling (he has probably the best roll in the game) and roll cancelling make up so much of Iori’s game that he’s pretty poor in non-rolling grooves comparatively. Also, the whole rage thing doesn’t work too well for him because he really needs to control when he can do the maiden masher for it to be effective (and dont even use his other super…). Rage doesn’t do much for him either, as if he’s getting hit, he’s not on the offensive, and Iori has to play pretty aggressively to get in enough damage for it to be worth the loss of roll… If you like K-Iori, just play him in N-groove, its way better.

Hes better with n-groove

Iori Needs Roll Like a Fat Kid Needs Donuts

Iori is good in C-groove,and N-groove, k-groove a little… :slight_smile:

Iori’s best in A.:cool: :Hops off bandwagon:

k groove iori doesn’t blow, it just happens that c, a, or n groove is just a lot better…
i’m sure k groove iori is still good…

I have actually added Iori to my K team. No roll…but i can kick some ass with him. His DP had wide range, his (Down-back+P)x3 seems to work well under many curcumstances (the 1st punch has some good range), I just like him in K…think he’s decent.

you think wrong

why don’t u stfu u stupid faggot? he can think what he wants, and he can use whoever the fuck he wants. k-iori is fine. he’s got a hugely powerful bread and butter, think what it’s like when Iori’s raged. His low jump rh is awesome, and it leads to super or his bread and butter. He’s also got great game off of a jab Fireball, by running after it. he’s got a great command throw, which can be setup quite easily when he’s raged (since ppl become defensive when they fight raged k-groovers). lastly, his jabs have HUGE frame advantage, which leads to running jabs…and there are quite a few characters that can’t duck his s. jabs. This jab rushing leads to command throws, which leads to his bread and butter or his super.

…sorry man…i’ve tried k-iori, and he ain’t got shit on an N or A iori

a crouching fp from sagat stops a lot of that bullshit

you realize everything in k-groove except JDing which isnt very important (even a weak rage mode) is available in n groove but better because he can roll right


Iori is fun to play in K…but I’ve seen some nasty C and N groove Iori’s…I play K only…If you’re JD is good…then your Iori can be OK in K…JD throws alot of the people I play off with their timing…but JD aint shit to highly skilled players

oh…and if you think JDing aint important…then you haven’t faced anyone who could do that shit like it was nothing.

Idiot, he said he’s decent and you say he’s wrong??? I never said K-Iori is the best Iori…i fucking KNOW he’s not as good as the other Iori’s with Rollling…BUT that doesn’t mean he’s not decent…so stfu!

i’d have to see it…right now…he isn’t decent in my opinion…i guess it all depends on your opinion of decent. i will put it this way, you won’t see anybody win vs. anybody using a k-groove iori. why? he has NO WAY OF GETTING IN!!! [on a consistant basis…kinda goes back to risk vs reward]


A-Groove Iori 0wnz all those other Ioris out there…K Iori isn’t much fun since he’s a semi-tall character unless the guy who pins you in the corner is a nice guy and lets you out your pretty screwed unless u can use his jump to try to wiggle ur way out

Iori’s actually tied for smallest crouching hitbox in the game… so “semi-tall” isn’t a very good description there…

K Iori is decent enough. He’s certainly not bad. He’s handicapped by losing Roll and RC and gains little in return, but Iori is a solid enough character without Roll and RC to be a threat.

But in all truth, CAN Iori is at least twice as good, if not more so.

I play K-Groove and the one thing I know is that i play a JD-cantered game untill I am raged. I don’t know or care whether or not it is the right thing to do, but I do it well enough to hold my own. Can’t get in? JD their anti-air. You can JD your way in.

a groove with rc iori fucks all