K-Kyo vs. A-Sakura



I am having a hard time going against A Sakura. My current team is K Iori, Cammy, Kyo. I can handle most of the opposition pretty well, except Sakura, who just proceeds to murder me.
I am concerned about Kyo, since he is usually the one who has to go against her. I try to keep her out with df. roundhouse, st. roundhouse, cr. strong, and the aragmi punches. Eventually she will get me in the corner and CC (thus losing a lot of life). Afterwards, she will be playing runaway, or just harrassing me with hurricane kicks, chipping my life away.
What advice can you offer against A Sakura (other than change groove)?



if you know cvs2, you know that a-sak isn’t just bad about k-kyo, its more of a k-groove thing, hehe. i know it sounds scrubby but oh well, i’ll try and bait an anti-air CC out of a-sak, and if she activates on the ground, sometimes I just fierce dp so that im up in the air for a little while, therefore reducing the damage…because basically, a-sakura is garuanteed a 75% life combo on k-groovers for every full bar she gets…so all I can say is make the opportunity she has to land her ground guard crush CC difficult, so that maybe she will slip up and do something you can punish, but in the end…you will be hearing her voice…and it will be saying shoshoshoshoshoshoshohsoshoshoshoshoshoshosho chingsuper…FINEST KO:p


use jumping down fierce her normal anti airs get owned by this move
unless she rc hurricanes as antiair
u can jump in for free when she’s on the ground
main point: be offensive as possible when she doesnt have meter
once she gets a full bar, play runaway and try to make her waste that meter or try to runaway till time runs out


hmmmm…a sakura. she’s a whore in a groove, and i luv usin her in it, lol.

if she has bar, obviously u have to try to make her waste it. in my case i do empty jumps. if she activates, u have to be quick enough to uppercut her RIGHT after she activates, after you empty jump. there is a very very slim chance that if you happen to be able to jd 2-3 of the start up of the cc combo, they might mess up the combo. it’s happened a couple times to me, and they seem to mess up when you’re able to jd the first couple hits of her uppercut. her uppercut is a really quick jd, so try to keep that in mind…


c.mk beats Saks’s s.hk when spaced right.


use running and walking s.hk to get in close. and remember c.mp beats her dive kicks


my team is Kyo , Rock and a celebrity guest in K groove. and I do encounter sakura alot during battles and yeah I have sum troubles with her aswell.

the way I beat her is dont try to keep her away when she doesnt have the full bar.
rush as much as u can until she has the bar (since Kyo is a rush character). and since u have K groove u shuld have a better chance rushing. and if u do get hit ul probably get ur rage b4 she gests her full bar. and that helps alot more
assuming shel be on the defensive. just watch out on sum crossovers and JD JD.
I usually do that with any character I use.
and stay away from the corner unless u got her there. just dont be so catious sumtimes.

try having to face 2 sakura’s on a team.


I used to play A-Groove. Just not Sakura. But one of the scariest things I found in it is activation. Just try to out-range her. Because if you can get her to activate and she isn’t already raping you you have got her. No guard in CC. Just try to bait a poor activation. Unfortunately that is really hard on her. And remeber a huge invincibility frame for activation. DONT MISS.