K.O. Fridays - Davie, Fl - 06/27/08

Welcome fighters! Get ready for a night of bruises and concussions. A place where skilled challengers compete for the dream to be crowned king! But don’t get down if you lose, this event will be hosted on the last Friday of every month!

Tourney List:
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Street Fighter 3rd Strike
Capcom vs Snk 2
Guilty Gear: Accent Core

Sign-up Starts at 6.30 PM
7.00 PM: MvC2 and 3rd Strike
10.00 PM Cvs2 and GG Accent Core (May start earlier depending on how fast the first two games finish)

3700 SW Davie Road
Davie, Fl. 33314

For directions:
(786) 303-4232
Or simply look it up on mapquest/google

Need any additional information :
Jin or JT
jinkogunai@yahoo.com (title it k.o.)

General rules:

  • When it’s your turn to play, you will be called ~3 times. If you are not present in this time or we do not hear from you as to where you are or what you’re doing, we will attempt to run another match before yours. However, you risk being disqualified if there are no other matches in that round to be played.

  • This is a ?bring your own controller? (BYOC) tournament. We have no obligation to loan controllers, so come prepared. We’re not responsible for you not having anything to play on. However, we do have rental controllers available to use for the price of $2.

Tournament rules, settings, and duration:
*All games will be double elimination

*2/3 matches
3/5 matches for Semi finals, Winner’s Finals, and Loser’s Finals
4/7 matches for Grand Finals

*Loser counter-picks

Entrance fee:
$15 per attendee for singles ($10 goes to the pot & $5 goes to GameBreakers)
$15 per team member for doubles ($10 goes to the pot & $5 goes to GameBreakers)

1st=70% of pot
2nd=20% of pot
3nd=10% of pot

I will be updating every few days so check back for any new information.

Please let me know if you will attend the event, even if uncertain. I need to keep track of the number of potential attendees.