K.O.'s Execution and Combo guide


Welcome, to what hopefully will be a resource to all those in need of such information.

this is for the BEGGINNERS/ INTERMEDIATE people to the game and fightsticks.

that being said, IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU DO NOT NEED HELP IN SUCH AREAS, PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE WASTING YOUR TIME READING THIS GUIDE. this is to help those that need it, not to help those that can be considered “cynical assholes” (SP reference.)

Before i continue this post, I will state what the GOAL of this post is, so that we have a clear understanding why i have made such a post.

[]First off, I plan to do an Execution guide for all the beginners to this game, as well as a few exercises to check off where your execution is, and give some more exercises to help IMPROVE execution. This “execution” guide will be in the name of using a Fight stick, however i hope that the people utilizing this guide can adapt it to their playing of choice.
]Second i plan on diving into combo creation, and how exactly you can go about making combos and the like.
[*]Third i plan to go into Hit confirming and resetting and plan to make supplementary videos on the like, as i see fit.
Now that we have these goals in mind, let us go over the First topic at hand


[details=Spoiler] Execution. Aka doing on the screen what you WANT to do. some people can find such a concept darkening, since it seems as though thier execution never seems to on the same plane as what they want to happen.

Ever hit a :d: :snkc: when you meant to do a s.:snkc:? or how about a :qcf: when you meant to do a :dp:? hell, how about those times when you got a :snka: in, but you didn’t realize you had a chance to continue until it was too late?

these problems may come from an assortment of situations… however with Higher levels of execution under your belt, you just may find yourself doing what you WANT to do, instead of what HAPPENS.

how do we cure such a problem?


well there is the “practice, till i get it” version, but theres also the “boot” camp kind of practice. here in this guide we will go through several exercises to get you in the means of doing what you want to do WHEN you want to.

With this being said, let us get into the exercises:












I really hope you continue this as it has really helped me out. I’m new to MvC3 and to a fight stick, but this has helped me learn the buttons better. :tup:


How to improve your execution:


All that needs to be said.


Nah. Keep making these videos. They rule.


lol thank you, Im going to make one at LEAST every week
the next one shall be done BY tonight.



I think this guide is really nice, even for people familiar with fighting games. With this game, its not just about getting combos, down, but making your characters move where you want them to. I find that in games like SF4, an accidental sweep instead of faster poke can get you hit and you take some damage. In this game it can and often will get you a dead character.

Edit: So thank you for making it.