K.O. Tournament - Davie,fl - May 31

Gamebreakers and Team DAMD presents the K.O. Tournament on May 31st

Sign up at 2p
Tournament starts at 3p

3700 SW Davie Road
Davie, Fl. 33314


  1. Smash brothers Brawl (2v2 and 1v1) ( Starts at 3p )

  2. 3rd Strike ( Starts at 8:30p )

General rules:

  • When it’s your turn to play, you will be called ~3 times and we will wait for you for about 5 minutes. If you are not present in this time or we do not hear from you as to where you are or what you’re doing, we will attempt to run another match before yours. However, you risk being disqualified if there are no other matches in that round to be played.
  • This is a bring your own controller (BYOC). We have no obligation to loan controllers, so come prepared. We’re not responsible for you not having anything to play on.

3 stocks
7 minute matches
2/3 matches
3/5 matches for Semi finals, Winner’s Finals, and Loser’s Finals
4/7 matches for Grand Finals
Items turned off
Winner keeps character unless opponent picks a stage.
Loser is allowed to choose another character and/or stage.

Neutrals: Battlefield, Final Destination, Yoshi’s Island, Lylat Cruise, Smashville

Counterpicks: Castle Siege, Frigate Orpheon, Battleship Halberd, Corneria, Pokemon, Stadium (Melee), Jungle Japes, Green Greens, Luigi’s Mansion.

Banned: Greenhillzone, Skyworld, Great Sea, Mushroomy Kingdom, Mario Circuit, Bridge of Eldin, Rumble Falls, Norfair, Pokemon Stadium 2, Port Town, Wario Ware, Distant Planet, New Pork City, The Summit, Pictochat, Shadow Moses Island, 75M, Spear Pillar, Mario Bros., Flat Zone 2, Electroplankton, Delfino Plaza.

3rd Strike:
Double elimination,
best 2/3 matches
3/5 matches for Semi finals, Winner’s Finals, and Loser’s Finals
Loser picks character

Entrance fee:
$15 per attendee

2-14 people show up 1st place wins $100
15-19 people show up 1st place wins $150
20-24 people show up 1st place wins $200
25-29 people show up 1st place wins $250
30-34 people show up 1st place wins $300
35-39 people show up 1st place wins $350
40-44 people show up 1st place wins $400
45-46 people show up 1st place wins $450
50-59 people show up 1st place wins $500

The pattern continues in a similar manner if more people show up.

Miscellaneous information:

  • the $15 entrance fee buys you 3 hours of gaming.
  • GameBreakers has Wiis, PS3s, Xbox 360s, and computers to play on

If you need any additional information, you can either post here, call, or e-mail me @:
James T
754-423-8503 jinkogun@gmail.com

Please let me know if you will attend the event, even if uncertain. I need to keep track of the number of potential attendees.

Ok, Cool are you going to have any side games as well or just the same two thatare up there

well, the place is im hosting it at is a lan center so you can play just about all the next gen games, but im gonna try to bring mvc2 and soul caliber 3.

Just mvc2 for side games??

the place is a lan center, so you can play the games they have there as well. but if there’s a game you would like to see there for side games tell me now and ill see if we have it there.

timberlake: this is andres. wtf weird set up for a tournament is this? 3 hours only? does that mean we pay the entrance fee and we can play in the tournament, and we can ALSO play whatever we want at the lan center? more importantly, why only 3rd strike?

so weird.

oh whats going on man? to answer the “why only 3rd strike” question, i wanted to expand the game list for tournaments, so i started with 3rd strike. there are going to be other games for the next tournament, and to help with the game choice, i’m going to do a poll on what should be featured in the next one. And yes, the entrance fee pays for the tournament and 3 hours play at the lan center. Do you have a suggestion for what should be added in the next one?

You might want to add more time at the next one because Three hours is just not any time at all to play, you coild add the all fav CVS2,ST,GGAC like thoses games

3 hours isn’t the time length of the tournament, just the amount of time to play the other games the lan center has available. im trying to bring all of the favs to play for casuals, but i dont have them yet so i dont wanna make any promises. however, im sure that ill have ggac there.

Im gonna be there for sure.