K or P groove


K groove:
*Fast filling gauge
*Running after a fierce or rh to totally punish AGAIN
*Safe falls

P groove
*Parry is safer
*Easy to preform specials and supers off of a parry

Which 1 has more players???

I personally use K Groove…K just fits my style better…X3 P is undoubtly better though if you are that ahead of the game.

Hope your not trying to go buy crowd count cause some people are just meant to play K groove and some people are meant to play P groove, it just works like that. You just have to find that groove that best works you. Hopefully it’s not S groove.

I just discovered that P-groove has short hop.

In response to SanGye:
I would think P-groove would be for people who wish to Parry everything.
I commonly find that P-groove players parry a lot, when K-groove players actually use the K-groove fighting style considering that JD is a fancy block.

P-groove: Harder but easier.**
Parrying builds bar and has priority to counter attack.***
A stocked lvl3 bar when charged.
Dash/the short hop you saw for certain characters, we call it the “corpse hop”.
Tactical Recovery.

K-groove: Easier but harder.**
JDing builds bar and has priority to counter attack.***
Rage bar giving you more power on your attacks.

*Parrying is harder to time but easier to master.
**JDing is easier to time but harder to master
*** P-groove has more and flexible time to make counter attacks, K-groove has less and more strict timing to counter attacks.
Both grooves have small jump.

Also, K-groovers have a chance to have 2 lvl3 supers for each character depending on how good your JDing skills are. Building a bar in P-groove is a lot longer. And if you parry/jd too much then your opponent (if he’s good) will just empty jump and grab you all day.

Seeing as your join date is Oct 06 did you just recently start playing cvs2?

Nah, i’ve been playing CvS2 since 2004, I’ve had the game since 2004.
I ust progress slowly and I slowly branch out to different characters, Cammy is 1 of them.

But otherwise, you’re post brings up a good point.

You could say I progressed slowly too, I’ve played the game since if 1st layed in the arcades but never knew about the forums and video’s till the summer of 06 and was able to pick up new combos, tricks, and able to expand my characters of choice. After that my progress increased a lot with some devoted hours of cvs2 with my friend.

I learned RCing from my friend, I learned strats here.

how would parrying be safer then jd’ing?

For some reason I don’t mind the K-Groove rush, but one of my really good friends and CvS2 sparring partners uses P-Sagat/Cammy/Blanka and our matches are always way too ridiculously close cause of Cammy.

We haven’t played in a while cause we both had to move to different states for things outside our control, but I know he still plays that team and I play C-Ken/Sagat/Blanka or A-Sakura/Vega/Blanka and we’ve been both practicing helluh and we’ll be moving back to WA around september so maybe we can get some matches up. Who knows.

The nigga he’s talking about is ME!

Needless to say, I prefer her in P-Groove. I’ve tried K, but the whole concept of running with Cammy and JD is just funky to me. I actually find it MUCH easier to parry than JD, and I even find CvS2’s parry easier than parrying in 3S.

Kind of odd how that works out.

I like Cammy in any groove, but of those two, I’d use her in K. I actually just have a universal team that I use with all of the SNK grooves, but N is my main.

Parrying in general is not safer than JD-ing. I’d much rather miss a JD and block than mistime a parry and eat the attack. I find that short hop is very useful especially when playing in P-groove, but disappointed that you cannot parry while in a short hop. I guess maybe that was asking for too much, right?

That would be GROSS. :rofl: