K.Rage says talk is Cheap!

I find it extreamly funny that since i’ve been on this site people just talk shit…This will be my first EVO and i’m so excited of U dont know me but alot of the Nor-Cal players do im not one to say im a top player but i have bump heads with the best of them and done alright…id say i’m average Dr.B and Olivarian taught me everything i know in CvS 2…and i guess i take it personal when people speak on him negatively…like i’ve said many time before its only a video game!!!but some like the top players feel like their supernatural…and unbeatable but the Japanese players be whoopin they ass all day …LOL and then their are those that give advice and tips to whoever and play whoever All those out there who like Challenges here’s one for You I challenge U to challenge me My game is CvS 2 but i also play 3rd strike,smash bros,and streetfighter alfa 3 and for those that feel their real streetfighters meet me in Rage’s Octagon see ya in Vegas: I’ll be there thurs. 23rd with grapes an all hit me up at 708-285-0231 im at Rio on the strip but i’ll come to you

2/3 in 3s for 5$?

You got!!

What ever U can afford thats what i’ll bet…