K vs N?

i currently use ken/cammy/blanka and so far ive been enjoying N groove. i look over to K groove and think, “what advantages does K have over my precious N?”

i love run and low jump, but is there a point to using N if K is available? K also has JD, not to mention its gauge is pretty nice.
what does N have over K? roll cancel and stocks?

someone help me please, i cant decide :frowning:

RCs are pretty damn good, but with N you also keep counter attack and counter movement (hmmmm blanka vs a-sak)

no air guard for either, but you can air JD, which is always nice.

I personally prefer N to K, but that’s cuz i can’t JD for my life.
RC on the other hand… :smiley:

the ability to jd was also on my mind. i know i cant jd worth shit so that may screw up K for me.

i completely forgot about counter movement, man screw K im sticking to N.

thanks for the mid-life crisis help :lol:

<----K groove is soooo diiirty thats why it’s better.

but why? i always hear how K is one of the top grooves but to me N seems better

I suppose the question is, “do you actually make use of N?” Do you counter move? Do you regularly break discs for the power up? If not why not simply more over to C?

Personally, I don’t get much use out of N, at least so far as that I don’t get any more use out of it than C.

I know your question was between N or K. However, ask yourself, does your groove fit your style of play and character? or are you adapting your play to your groove?

I would much rather play K over N. The ability to nullify projectiles and a lot of pokes with a well placed jd is more valuable to me than a whole lot of options (that N does offer) that I rarely get to use.

But hey, I play K Gief, so what do I know?

my usual team is ken/blanka/rockR2. i debated for a long time between c, n and k. in the end i decided k because jding isn’t that hard, rock’s rolls are pretty crap but mainly 'cos if you get a beating all 3 have great supers that are easy to land (rock especially) and therefore have the ability of turing the match around.

i do try to make use of N groove stuff like run, low jump and power ups and its for those reasons why i cant stand C groove.

i think my problem with K groove is that im really used to have supers handy all the time with N as opposed to only when im getting my ass kicked with K groove.

You rage twice in a match garunteed, and three times if your jding is subperb like me. You will have level threes handy. And the 33% damage boost you get is very helpfull.

n groove is better than k. it mainly depends on how well you play. k groovers are usually pretty easy. if oyu aren’t that good, play k.

iirc, the damage boost when raged is 40%…

I play N/S against anyone who plays A.

I play K whenever.

If you are going to have cammy in your team, play K. She isn’t used to her fullest in N imo. And if you think N is better, then it is. But play with whoever/whatever you like.

If all else fails just do it in the pooper.

so i tried K some and i think i like it. i really need to get used to jding but otherwise i think i may like it more than N.

thanks a lot guys for your inputs :slight_smile:

JDing will come natural over time, if you wanna get good at K, play it all the time.

im definently planning to, after some more games today i think i really like K much more than N

Well I don’t really CARE to much which is better really. I play what I think is cool. I would take on ANY A Sakuras ANYTIME. Cause I’m beastly like that. I think k groove is the best groove only cause playing k is my pride and joy and its sooooooooooo fun to play.

~Angry Cat. :mad:

i’m game

NOT on xbox live. I only have a stick on ps2. So as you can tell…playing with xbox pad is going to be VERY hard. But I guess if you want to play hit me up on aim. Ocelot988

~Angry Cat.

jesus, i learned my lesson with x-box live, which is not to play on it. besides i live in kentucky, so the odds of us playing are probably slim and none (outside of evo NEXT year).