K750i 3s theme Request

I was wondering if anyone here has made any cool 3s k750i Sony Ericsson themes.

If so I would love to sport it on my own.

If no one has made one how about making me one…

Anyone up for it… Perhaps doing one in co-operation if you think the
request is too big?

  • Shim

what are the dimensions?

It’s not a single pic request. It’s a theme…

… have a look at this.


go on howardforums and ask the SE ppl for assistance. i think srk is a little off scale on this subject.

Why is that… I want something with Third Strike made by people who
knows and love the game… Plus I think there is lot’s of talents here.

Dunno… SRK just seemed like the place to go for this imo.

i will give it a go

Thaks alot TRT. It’s greatly appreciated.

I’ll pass you some dollars on paypal if I like what I get.