KABOOM! If Zangief was Billy Mays!



holy hell, this has to be the funniest video i’ve seen in a recent while.


where’s the zangief reference in this video? All I hear is tf2


This might be the worst thread today. :c It’s the Heavy Weapons Guy from TF2…


Wow well seeing as how they took sound clips from tf2 and then slapped zangief and billy mays on it, its pretty much not funny.

Edit: awww everyone beat me to it


nice job spamming your unfunny video all over SRK


Never was interested in TF2 , therefore I’m not interested in this video either… Nothing to do with SFIV at all…

RIP Billy Mays…

RIP this thread… ( Or rest in hell , either one ) .


Eh, I thought it was kinda funny and well edited.


You must have not seen very many funny videos.