KaboXx Fightstick Templates

8/17 Update:
Exceeded my bandwith For now heres my pb account so you guys can view my templates
Download links will remain

Instead of making individual threads of my fightstick templates i decided to start a fresh one with my latest templates i’ve been working on. Reason im also starting a new thread is to get CandC from you guys to see what areas need improvement and how i can improve on my work. As always i will be supplying psd’s so you guys can download them if yall like :slight_smile:

ALso here’s a link to mvc3 and ssf4 ae collections

Super Street Fighter 4 AE Series

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Series

Evil ryu



Team Clockwork





Urien 3SO




i like mortal kombat one , any chance you are going to make more Mk ones? also can you make them compatible with the madcatz ssf4 se template :slight_smile: thanks!

I added an ermac template. I might make more mk ones if i find good enough stocks. If you like i can convert them to fit the se but since i have a shitty internet connection at my new place im not going to upload as a psd so you wont be able to make any adjustments to the pic. But i will save it on a high res png so you can take it to print. let me know if thats cool1

Yeah thats perfectly fine, thanks :slight_smile: also looking very much foward to your future MK templates, they look amazing so far!

if you can make one of kabal that would be awesome :slight_smile:

ermac and noob for the se stick. not to happy on how the ermac came out it was really hard to make fit just right one of the reason im not a fan of how small the se is :expressionless:

Ermac and Noob

thanks alot man i appreciate it :smiley: yeah the SE is way to small, but all i can afford atm. But thanks so much i appreciate it!

Your welcomemake sure to post ur stick if you get the art printed out :slight_smile:

Will do :), any chance you see yourself making one of Kabal in the future , hes my fav mk char. if not, ill prob put ermac on my fight stick. Going to order Sanwa+ matching joystick so it turns out beast , thanks alot though, my friend really likes the Noob one.

Id consider a kabal one if i find a high res image of him from mk9 like the ermac or noob. That’s my issue atm with mk templates most of the pics i find are the portraits but they dont really catch my attention, and the ones i do find of their full body. Are either really low res or the image doesn’t catch my eye cause the char looks really stiff and just standing there doing nothing. Unlike ermac so far he’s the only char who has a unique awesome looking pose one of the main reasons i made a template for him! As for noob i was biased with him he’s my fav mk character haha :slight_smile:

oh alright, well if you decide they have some kabal portaits from Mk deception, kind of plain like you said, just really standing there. but thanks for the other 2 :slight_smile:

Dammit! Now I have change my avatar.

Why would that be?? ^^^^

lol! we use the same picture.

Ohhahah sorry buddy :slight_smile:

Added sub zero mk template wanted to add that mk templates are compatible with the regular te sticks just make sure to turn off the button labels!

can’t wait to see you make a Scorpion one.

Went a lil ol skool added Mvc2 team clockwork template!!

Scorpion is in the works!!!

You should also make one of Rain for the upcomming release on the rain dlc for mk. or kenshi/kabal would be pretty beast.

you really want that kabal don’t you guy lol! i’ll put it on my to do list. :slight_smile:

First post updated XD

Loving Poison

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Heres my photobucket account so you guys can view my full templates