KADE miniConsole+: New open joystick/arcade adapter from KADE Team!

Hey guys!

I’m glad to announce the newest project from the KADE Team: the KADE miniConsole+ adapter

Kickstarter is still live and kicking:

So how long do you think you have before Iwata ****s your ***hole?

I am glad someone got a device like this put together.

Nintendo is not going to do anything. The design patents for all these retro consoles are expired.
It is how so many clones of retro consoles even exist, design patents are only good for 15 years.

It would be a honor having him as a backer! :slight_smile:

Whats the expected amount of lag in when chaining to third party adapters for 360 support.

I’ll image the adapter to Xbox 360 would be the largest factor.
Then again conventional wisdom will tell you chaining adapters will always bring more lag.
Example using a XCM PS3 to Xbox 360 converter would have terrible lag while PS2 to Xbox 360 Inpin or Pelican adapter would give you the best results.

I can see why the Kade team and avoiding to support the XBox 360 directly, avoid IP infringement law suits.
PS3 isn’t a big deal as the PS3 uses generic PnP HID class drivers.

I was trying to envision something similar a few years back but never got what I wanted to work the way I wanted too. My approach was wiring up a FG Widget converter to a MC Cthulhu and hoping the Converter can do all 3 console controllers. But it would not be as universally compatible as the Kade MiniConsole and it be alot rougher looking. That said I know nothing of PCB design and The Kade team did it as a single PCB.

We didn’t do any formal lag tests yet, but the empiric ones show no noticeable lag. We know that there are people here at SRK forums that have ways to measure lag very precisely and we would be happy to send a prototype sample of the miniConsole+ for lag tests.

Bro I am retarded, I just realized it was a fucking adapter lol. I thought it was one of those portable mini consoles that had like mame on it or something lol. No but seriously I need this in my life. Better yet this needs to work with arcade sticks specifically because fuck madcatz charging people 200+ dollars for a ps4 controller when I just go one for my xbox 360 and they both connect using usb…

No chance for current gen support?

FYI laugh sold a 360 converter which had to be piggybacked to a wired 360 controller prior to the Xtokki, caused no lag.

I would think its unlikely due to legal reasons

Dude, this is the bomb! I contributed to the Kickstarter since there’s a few ideas I have that would make use of it. Keep up the good work and congrats on the funding!

Does gamerfinger optical joystick works for mad cats fight stick te2 PS3 ps4 pc?

Why in the world would you post this question in this thread? There’s a Q&A thread, use it.

Your secondary board for retro systems, did you take in account that PAL SNES consoles can’t use NTSC region SNES controllers? (without a minor mod)
I assume the answer is yes as one of your team is based in the UK and there what looks like a PAL version of the SNES controller in your photo, but you never know.
I rather asks now than having someone finding out the hard way later.

Thanks for the heads up! Current prototype might not work on every PAL console because it is missing the required pull up resistors on clock and data latch lines. We will make sure to add those to the final revision though so It will be compatible with every nes/snes out there.

Kick it old school!

placed my support last night… such a cool idea. so many possibilities… this gives me fire to continue to expand my retro consoles beyond its current scope! dare I go Atari!? regardless, Tatsunoku vs Capcom will soon be conquered by my HRAP!!!

went for this package so I could get my arcade stick action going… and they have a facebook contest to give away a panzer fightstick already pre-assembled with it. luck be a lady!

mega output MAKER pack:

  • 1 KADE miniConsole+ (mountable PCB)
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 wii out cable
  • 1 PSX cable
  • 5 input cables of your choice
  • 1 Arcade expander board (simultaneous arcade and console input)

@rygod it really does look amazing.

could someone please explain a few things to me as i am still getting used to certain termonologies

mega output MAKER pack:

  • 1 KADE miniConsole+ (mountable PCB)
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 wii out cable
  • 1 PSX cable
  • 5 input cables of your choice
  • 1 Arcade expander board (simultaneous arcade and console input)

the wii out cable. is that the cable that goes from the wii remote to the KADE?

is the psx cable a cable with a playstation controller connector on one end and the other plugs into the KADE?

“5 input cables of your choice” does this mean from a console of my choice to the KADE? such as SNES controller connector to the KADE (like the photo at the top of this tread). sorry if this was answered in the kickstarter but I could not see it.

Hi guys

the post I put up was queries I had from a few days ago.

I just “Control + F” the page and it now makes much more sense with a clear head

Hey @Cairnstorm just a friendly tip for next time, instead of making a double post learn how to edit your post if you want to add more text.

There should be a gear icon at the top right corner of your post. Hovering your cursor over it would make it say options, clicking on it you see a box that said EDIT.

The Wii cable is that cable that plugs into the Wii Remote. I hope that helps.