Kai vs Hsien? Free money for Hsien!

Hey this is a MM proposal for Hsien.

Just wanted to know if you’d like to money match me for $200. FT10.

Same rules I guess as last years match against Amir, but let’s see if I can do what he couldn’t.

Since I’m a complete scrub though, I think you should be able to beat me without a problem. I’m just curious to see how I’ll do.

Also, because I will be doing other MM’s though, let’s call the minimum $200. I’d be happy to put down $500 depending on how many other people I get to MM.

Fun fun.

your throwing your money away Kai :woot: GL.

I know. I seem to have had an extra amount of money laying around.

I’ll back Hsien for 100 dollars. Or just bet it on the side.

No Joke either.

word on the street is that ass isn’t going to be showing up to evo this year. supposedly he has to go to taiwan aka formosa aka chang chong land.

Horrible. What other Yun player is there to MM?

You can ask that guy who goes by the name DRAGON! He schooled me with his Kara Palms :sad:.

Money match Leviathan IIDX

I would beat Hsien’s ass in marvel

Im a Yun player from Texas like Hsien.

against you I’ll back Kai for any amount.

if it’s Hsien my offer stands.

You mean BESIDES Pyro??.. There is no other yun worth playing and you should know that more than most considering you play with him all the time. Lol. GL, tho. If its not hsien or pyro, i’m sure you’ll take it. :tup:

Side note: Whatever happened to Lenin? I don’t see him on the boards anymore. Is he still around? j/w

kai, ill play you chun vs yun for money if you really want. im sure it will be close cause i havent played in a long time.

hi there.

I take that back… Papa Watts will beast you! Lol!

What in the fuck.

Watson we can play, but there’s nothing to be gained from that match. Ken vs Chun, sure.

Otherwise me and Pyro play each other everyday now because he’s a faggot who can’t stop going to AI. No point.

Oh and Pyro isn’t going to Evo this year.

I will play you.

kai you should play watts’s SA2 yun :smiley:

FatBear I will play you for $300.

i will vouch for fatbear being awesome