Kaillera 3rd Strike AIM list

search it in this part of the forum…it should come up…or just search it in google and download…its another way to host if you cant forward your ports…its basically its own server


AIM - Harmonaz

AIM- Holddat3

Aim: Yeah Dooooood

:wonder: Maybe a thread like this that I made for the XBL forums could help out over here:

I try to update it once a week (usually on Saturday). Maybe if one of the mods here has the time? they could make one. I would do it, but I ???'t mod here so I wouldn’t be able ?? edit and delete post to keep it neat like I do in the XBL forums. Anyways, just a thought… dood!

aim exodus

(i wonder how many people will PM “exodus” and go “wtf”…my SN has “aim” in it as well…)

AIM- fitshaced00

I wouldn’t say I NEED to get back into this game, but it would be nice to have some fun matches with minimal lag (if possible)

am ready for some 3s action.

LOL @ Baio Technology

thats funny :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Need practice versus Ken?
AIM: anti dalton
**Location: **East coast
**Clients: **MAME.117, nFBE

I need practice versus everyone!

:bluu: Stupid Aim Exodus name. :bluu:

my aim is veilsideLGD.

hey somebody got it

hold dat break it down

if anyone wants to get raped in dat 3s

aim: along the edges
msn: xsonicc@gmail.com


I’m not on too often but I’m up for games with anybody.

aim- wildplaya15

had since i was 15 lol

my AIM: ChaiTea007


Kaillera: EndLeSS
AIM (Rarely on): EndLeSS100X

I really need some help on training arcade stick. Anybody here wanna help me?


I added almost all of you, I got tired of that shit. I don’t want to post my aim name on the internet due to stalkers (seriously,) but I’ll be sure to message anyone I can whenever, I’m always down to fucking play 3S.

Edit: Damn, none of you cats is online, I’m thirsty for play…