Kaillera 3rd Strike Team Tournament Results (02/17/2008)

This was a marathon…

1st - Team Last Boss (Nika KO/Shikyo/HoldDat)
2nd - Team OCV (Surewin/Knarxed/Kamina)
3rd - Team Tourney Directors (Gazebo/Nagata Lock II/Shodokan123)
4th - Team RAWR (Commonsense/Karn/Deviljin01)
5th - Team Hobo (Yeah Dood 120%/RPD Rookie/RushedDown)
5th - Team TOSF (MythicExile/Gaijinblaze/Chun)
7th - Team Space Monkey
7th - Team Couldn’t Find A Partner
9th - Team Main Event
9th - Team Air Keeper Jin

OK there’s a lot to cover so let’s get to it.

  • The biggest issue was that people don’t know how to follow simple instructions. I leave specific rules on the first page of the thread and people just randomly decide they’re going to do whatever they want. I specificy MAME 119 with Nov 1 client and I get people complaining they can’t use NFBA or they don’t think 117 is going to work or they’re using Sept 15 or Feb 11 Kaillera client. So we end up running matches that take FOREVER because people can’t do what they’re told and everyone is running around looking for links to kaillera clients and emulators when that should have been taken care of over a month ago.

  • The next issue was people bailing on their teams. I had 8 teams locked up just before the 9:00pm start time but 11 players in the channel who are missing their last partners. Then you run into situations where people are pleading to wait or pleading with other people to team up. Leave it to say I will never allow that situation again, even if it means we end up with 4 teams instead of 14. It simply isn’t worth the hassle.

  • Connection problems. If you know you can’t connect via P2P then don’t bother joining the tournament. There are obviously going to be cases where something abnormal comes up but there were multiple occasions where the same players were calling for public server because they can’t P2P. It’d save me and the other players a lot of time if you just didn’t join. I’d love to see everyone get in but if you know you can’t, don’t waste everyone’s time.

On a happier note, I’d like to thank Shodokan123 for helping me direct in the early stages of the tournament. I’d also like to thank everyone that came out for this thing. At one point we had 36 people in the channel either in teams or looking to join. If we had that kind of turnout for singles I’d be the happiest director you can find online.

I’d also like to thank everyone who actually… thanked me for running it. This was not an easy tournament by any means. I hope everyone had fun despite the time burned.

Next tournament is singles on Sunday March 16th.

ill be uploading my vids soon good shit nagata for putting up with this…ggs to everyone…ill practice hard for singles…its gonna be a tough one

nice job hosting nagata. sorry me and the other guys were such a hassle cus or teammates werent showing up. i look forward to the next tourney

good job and thanks for hosting this tournay Nagata.

ggs to everyone

:wonder: Thanks again for taking the time to set this up run it Nagata. I’m not sure what was the reason for me not being able to connect with neiman in that one set. We both had Mame.119 and the Nov.1 Kaillera, tried P2P and GodWeapon and neither would allow us to connect. Either way it was fun. Thanks to everyone that showed up and congrats to the winners… dood!

Alright…decided to enter this tournament like literally today on a whim…didn’t read any of the rules…and still got 4th. It’s all about how loud u RAWRRRRRIIIINNN! GG’s to all I played against. Shikyo is scary good. Thx to Commonsense and Karn for the assists. GS Nagata for hustlin through this one. I don’t really like playing in online tourneys but the hype in the chatrooms is always worth it.

Good job Gazebo. Way to charge-parition on a keyboard. :tup:

i’m never speaking to you again! :crybaby:

lol the irony of my orig team name. thanks for running the tourney justin. but i agree, the random hilarity in the sub-channels was the real draw. it soothes the pain after getting scammed by the interweb.

LOL. That was u wasn’t it? Oh man…I did feel bad. Kinda. Sorta. Then I won and felt happy. Online is a box of chocolates.

listen to mozarts requiem during the tournamnet and your chances of winning will SKYROCKET :-p seriously classical music will calm your nerves lol

i remember talking with my teammate when the tourney was supposed to have started, saying “poor nagata” or something along those lines :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for organizing and running the tourney, nagata!

9th place!!!

You have all witnessed the power of Air Keeper Jin. :amazed::amazed::amazed:

No but seriously…sorry to my teammates.

here’s my first vid from the tournament

me vs Cruise/ Hell Murder (i saved my team from a possible team tournament)


read the description if you want

feedback WANTED

next vid will be up soon…workin on the edit

never have 2 different versions of an emu been completely compatible with each other
doing p2p doesnt make them compatible
it can add extra lag and desynchs alot easier

tourney was fun overall

second and final vid of me saving my team from an OCV from team OCV lol


HEY!!! wern’t you at the lovegety (GGAC) tourney last year?

If I knew there was another kaillera player there I woulda had a better time
( I hate joysticks, I can’t use em)

anyway, was this tourney recorded? (the whole tourney) I wanna see how kamina lost
(I hate his urein too F***in much >_<)

**shot out to kamina, commonsense, and shikyo
IT’S YA BOY!! the unfamous heavy-hitter :slight_smile:

haha kamina lost to my boy Hold Dat in the final match of the grand finals…he took tenren’s spot lol…so far im the only one who has vids of only my matches…but i only fought like 3 times throughout the WHOLE tournament

cruise has a pretty crazy urien. never thought he wouldve been taken out so easily =(