Kaillera 3s Players Worth Playing

T-Kimura - up and coming akuma, keeps on playing no matter what
Nataku - Top player i seen on there
DaRage - Chris is as dedicated to this game as i am
MagnetoManiac - Havn’t really played him but no complaints from people
Myself - Dedicated… will lose 400 times in a row if i have to as long as i’m learning
Charged - gg
Max - understands the game
Deviljin - gg ibuki

:rofl: So what makes the average scrubs not worth playing?

What server do you guys play on? I’m always on West Wonderland because of the great pings, players, and Third-Strike domination. I haven’t had one bad game yet.

My legendary Sean is awaiting all

haha… shodo, thanks for mentioning me even though i shouldn’t be mentioned yet, still way to new to the game and suck. Exodus is also really good and should be on the list. i hear ARival is good but never played him yet.

Best people I’ve played are Nataku and Charged (charged refuses to talk to me… kind of odd)

So many have kicked my ass or have been good competition it’s hard to count. The scrubs are shrinking in numbers as word of 3s online gets around

If you are looking to get your ass kicked by Ibuki, look no further than DevilJin01. Seriously a great player and a lot of fun to talk to.

Look up nataku if you’re looking for a great all around player. Sick Chun, Ken, Yun, Sean, Ryu, lol the list goes on. (He’s good at ST also)

Other notables include Exodus (good luck beating this guy,) Kumiho (also good at ST), Ramza(sp?), Magnetomaniac, and DaRage. I hear HoldDat is really good but I have never played him.

No love for Brain?The other Canadian?lol

Psych0 and Pattybam have both good urien.(Canadiens also :P)

Can’t forget EIsh, Macumazahn, Kumiho and that smiley guy(^_^=his handle)

That aside,I would like to see a list from the west which of course I’ll include my buddy A_rival.

Legendary, eh?
I look forward to a mirror match.
My handle is Kicks or some sort of silly Sean name… right now it’s SeanStrong.

Please play Kyokuji and Crescendo, very different styles, very different characters, both really good and always improving.

they leave when they lose, when they win, call you a fag, say “stop using that move”

kumiho is also a great player. smiley face “^_^” dude is also ownage.

exodus??? that guys sucks and deviljin lol dont get me going about that guy…

? you can’t be serious. exodus is extremely good… maybe you played a different one.

Suleman - even though I haven’t play him in a while, he is always exciting and fun to play with.

bfe - Only played him once but his relentless Ibuki remind me of some of the very good Ibuki I’ve faced offline.

chargeD - a bit of a recluse, doesn’t like to talk, but he speaks with his action. Very strong Yun. (And he is very good in mvc and a3 as well)

Spire - One of the people I’ve played against many times, I enjoy fighting his Alex.

You suck.

I love you.

Ramza - Makoto Mentor, excellent with every character i assume.

Shodokan123 - kara palms for days

nataku - tactical chun with good reflexes. all around good player, good denjin ryu, yun, and other characters

Deviljin01 - ibuki rape

exodus - probably the best yun/dudley i’ve seen on kaillera

macumazahn - great ken/chun/ryu

spire - good alex and pressure game

T-Kimura - akuma starting to own

ChargeD - great yun play.

eish - crazy with all characters

knarxed - very nice yun/ken as well

thats a good list of players that are good that will sharpen your skills up. try them out :tup:

Ramza sucks with Alex.

Unfortunatly all i have is execution and no mind games.

crap out of all the times ive been online Ive never faces you guys except for maybe nataku A_rival and maybe magneto maniac

where are you guys playing? 0_o

Im learning although I lose ALOT,though this will help me get better.