Kaillera Admin

I was wondering if there was a way for me to get admin commands in my server. I am using the official Kaillera server downloaded from the official site. I want to be able to do the same thing as a person that is running the EmuLinker server. The reason why I’m not running EmuLinker is because I heard a lot of bad things about it and I posted a thread about a bug that my friend and I had. They recommended I connect to official servers over EmuLinker…

So my main point is:

Where can I get the same admin commands as EmuLinker but with the official Kaillera server?

I think you may have better luck in the Kailera section. Sorry guy.

Can anyone move this thread? I really need it because random people are joining my server and it even says “West Coast” as the location yet their pings are 130+ ms…

official kaillera should have admin commands too. Just read the documentation!

No reason to move the thread IMO. This fits fine in both categories so I’m not gonna move it… Shoo might because he likes doing things like that ;).

but more importantly go use emulinker. Anything you heard about emulinker is probably true but that doesn’t mean official kaillera isn’t 100x worse. It’s just kaillera in general is bad, just go with emulinker :).

LOL what a great question, what would be the point of making EmuLinker in the first place? I’ll have to post that on the Emulinker FAQ

Try Unofficial Kaillera Server: http://www.emuunlim.com/sneese/

But seriously you probably just want EmuLinker, it’s perfect… :rolleyes:

I ran an EmuLinker before but it gave me and my buddy some problems. I posted it before and the solution was to go with an official Kaillera server and to not use LAN connection because it gives problems.


This server is mainly for use with just my friends. I haven’t tried setting it on private because it seems to be for LAN but I’ll try it the next time my friends want to get some games.

If you are going to use Emulinker, at least use the latest EmulinkerSF like the one used in GW server now. The stock version’s fixed delay makes it a total garbage.

Still I’d recommend UOKS or official server for gameplay. Its true that they don’t have the same admin functionalities but its 100x better. The only thing the official server is bad in is security i.e. it can be crashed and people can be kicked out of their games and joining playing games etc…UOKS preety much handles all of those issues but still doesn’t have all the admin commands. But anything is better than emulinker otherwise. If its only for you and a couple of your friends, why not keep it private? Private is not just for LAN. Its so that the server is not listed on the master server list. Your friends can still connect if they had your address.

Thank you 0746 for clearing that up!

I’d also like to say, great job on the p2p client. :wgrin:

^ Definately.

UOKS on a private server is great if the friends you play on there have reasonably low pings. I usually play on LAN on mine against people and it’s great. It doesn’t have the admin controls, but everybody there was invited there anyway and so far everybody has been cool.