Kaillera anyone?

I’m currently trying to play any fighting games possible online and I’m not sure if anyone uses Kaillera or knows how to, but if someone is willing to help me out and show me the ropes as to how I can play against some of the community, that would be great. I’m hoping to learn 3rd Strike and play some of the cross over games as well. Basically, I want to play other players online, I’m just not sure what the community is using in order to meet up via PC and play each other. If I sound like a total noob, its probably because I am, but the help would be much appreciated.

use ggpo man

thanks a lot…

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I can’t get GGPO to work since I’ve had my new pc with vista. had no problems on xp. i changed compatibility mode, open the correct ports, port forwarding, u name it and I still can’t get passed the login screen. Can anyone help me?