kaillera down?

Masters server list wont show any results any god weapon says error connecting, any1 know whats going on?

Works fine for me bud.

Logged into GW before posting this

I think he means the severs list won’t ping. Seems like it’s been down for both P2P (waiting games) and regular Kaillera lately.

As far as GW is concerned, maybe it was down because I can log in to other servers fine.

Guy could be using the old GW IP.


The same thing has been happening to me for weeks, the master server list doesn’t show up, it just says there’s an error in loading the server list. I don’t really care because I usually only play on nfba p2p, but it’s still inconvenient when i’m bored and there’s no one on p2p.

It was up this weekend, first time in a while, but its down again. Annoying…

same thing is happening with me. i asked my friend about it and he said it was working fine for him. wtf?

I’ve had the same problem for a while now and it’s getting frustrating when I want to just get in and play some 3rd Strike instead of waiting for a decent connection on P2P. Does anyone have some server addresses saved? I had one I liked saved in a text file but lost it when I reformatted last weekend.

West Wonderland:

Hey Supra

Just outta curiosity, why do they all use :27888 ?

It’s a formality. If they all use the same port; then everyone who uses the service, will likely have that port open; causing fewer issues.

If someone changes to another port; then they’re kinda alone in that aspect.

Also most likely it’s default and no one has found a reason to change it.
(I know I’m not supra, buttttt yeah)


I figuered it was something like that…

Thanks man, this is just what I was looking for.

No problem.

The default is 27888 for Kaillera. There really isn’t a good reason to change it unless the port is blocked…For instance, 2 Kaillera servers on the same server.

isit me… or the Reps server doesn’t work?

Hey, I am trying to play Third Strike also but I am having a lot of trouble setting up my Mame. Do you think that you could help me?

Make sure you have a working rom. Then make sure you have the noCD bios that is required for the game to run correctly.

After which make sure to find the p2p client or another kaillera working client to be able to play it online.

After you put the rom into the rom folder make sure you press F5 on the main window to refresh your rom listings.

Use the search feature of the forum for more help, cause that’s all I got! (I dont know where to get the nocd bios…)

http://kaillera.com is back online!

Yeah It’s Official, Kaillera is Back Online.:party::party::party::party:

Turning back to lag servers, this isn’t really a cool news