Kaillera. For fun, or for fake glory?

wow , theres no escaping it. i thought all this time that kaillera was for fun and practice. but its becoming more clear that its just bull shit. im mean really. its hard to find any cool pepl to play with at all. we have a bad games thread where pep can just come and bitch. omg. i dont see why pepl cant chiilllll and just play the games u like to play and have fun. kaillera is no tornament. belive it. if u wanna gloat about how good u are hit thereal life stage. till then. kiallera should be for fun and practice aginst new players. lev the drama at the door. its never gona happen though. oh well.

Yeah, kaillera isn’t serious at all. Its fun because its at the convenience of your own home and you can have a match with anybody anytime you want. But, playing anybody face to face is clearly a better experience.

The thread is for bitching and so people know who to avoid.

Not to mention if someone was being as much of a dick as most of those people irl they’d get punched.

I want my e-rep like them gangsta want them street cred!

Represent! Kaillera 4 lyfe yo!

for fun i say…i remember playing bushin kid myself in ST…we were maad cool with each other even if we did get our asses handed to us by each other every 2 games lol crossups, perfects, jumbo damage on combos, dizzies…SHIIT that was what i call fun and i have yet to see another player act the same way…we should make a list of the ppl who are cool with playing others at the end of the day and dont bitch about losing to top tier characters (if something is in the game that you dont like then dont play it…plain and simple)

haha, made a post then realized i said “fuck” and “shit” so many times that even a jackass like me thought it may be too vulgar.

all i’ll say is fuck anyone who turns online into more than what it’s supposed to be.

i don’t care what anyone says… to most people, losing isn’t fun and thats where shit starts getting serious and drama pops off, people are so eager to be the best or to prove to ppl that they’re good enough to hang(this pertains to the mvc crowd especially)

when there’s good competition, egos run high. just because it’s online play doesnt mean it doesnt get competitive.

It has more to do with the fact that people don’t have to bear with the consequence for what they say/do.

You’re just playing the wrong people. You gotta make yourself a mental list of good players and look for them. There’s good people amongst the rough. Should be easy especially if you’re playing 3S.

kaillera is like war
imagine we are fighting china and they just keep marching on us and there is no end to them
no swap out the china for scrubs carrying keyboards as weapons and u have your equivelant

its one gigantic scrubfest except for about 20 people where no matter if u win or not they just go to the lobby and scream they owned u

so i vote fake glory

the 3s crowd is pretty good… vs. game players are just hype though.

lol… dude, wait until you se the guy cem or his brother ferdi aka sambo that plays hugo from holland :rofl: they were cheating in sf2ce and ssf2t back in the days and now atleast cem plays 3s. he has a quit message “no one can defeat me in any street fighter” and when he joins a kaillera channel, he makes sure to join, quit, join, quit several times so he’ll make sure that ppl will se his quit message, they are both REALLY f**ked up, i mean REALLY!!

was quite fun yesterday tho, saw cem on a kaillera server, i quit i renamed and went back and told him to join, and i beat him 7-1 and said “you’re a waste of my time” :rofl: then he said fast as hell “YOU ARE NOTHING!” bla bla bla :rofl: how can i be nothing when he aint even no challenge for me. anyway, his brother ferdi/sambo is quite funny aswell, he thinks he is without a doubt the best hugo player in europe, yea right :rofl: and he aint even goes to no big tours in europe. they think they are the best without a doubt. have all this in mind and check out sambos hugo vid, its embarrising: [media=youtube]_Zodi7oIMZs"[/media]. observe, just because you can pull off some fancy trainingmode stuff ingame doesnt mean you’re good. like, just because you can parry chun-li’s super doesnt mean you can beat nuki or anything. the feeling over the video is like he thinks he’s a god in 3s. they are both crap and cheaters. wait until someone has come up with cheats for the 3s rom, then i can warn ya’ll, dont play these losers.

yeah thats the basic and ONLY reason why i play 3s online…i just play it to see different play styles so when i go to a local tournament or something i wont be suprised by anything…there are some ppl on there who are actual ONLINE players and just talk shit for the hell of it just cuz they’re bored…and thats one of the reasons…even though i play online im no online player at heart…kaillera has its ups and downs mostyl downs im afraid

Kaillera is the only way I can get better at 3s since there is little comp out here.

I only play because it’s fun though

Yes cem is still around and he doesn’t stop his bullshits since 2001 lol. With the upcoming 3s on net, he replaced the macro spd of zangief with hugo. Kinda predictable

He was caught using autofire in a3 on mame.

I only play on kaillera because there is no competition around my area. The first time I played MvC, my jaw dropped as I was torn to shreds, I had never seen anyone play like people did. (Though since then I’ve improved massively).

I’d say fun for most, the glory is the only everyone’s competitive side taking a hold of them. Honestly, none of us hate each other, none of us are “STUPID FUCKING FAGGOT ASS NOOBS” and other such things; just we get carried away in something we really enjoy doing, gaming.

tnks for all the replys guys. i hope we can keep this thread going as an alternative to the bad games thread. u know kinda like not good games or bad games. but wether or not a players was truly down to learn fro his loss or was he seeking a fake glory.

same here its just that I cant persuade people around me play fighters.

Cheating on Kaillera is probably the dumbest thing somebody could do.

Online play can and does make a good player if they can adapt offline. (Look at Afrolegends, the Evo West Blanka and a guy from my area “Sidewinder” from XBL)

For me, it will be good practice.