Kaillera freezes and drops during ST games

I recently found out about this kaillera ST community and was interested in getting some online games in, but the few times I’ve played have mostly ended in the game freezing and dropping.

  • I forwarded port 27886 on my router and firewall.
  • I also gave Kaillera and nfba full permission through my firewall and router.
  • I DO have a wireless router, but I have ‘excellent’ reception.
  • The router is a d-link di-624 which is supposed to be geared towards online gaming.
    -I even updated the firmware and set it up various ways as per their forum’s advice.

I’ve tried using just windows firewall, disabling my antivirus, praying, wishing, chanting, to no avail.

Is there anything that someone can recommend that has worked for them? I can’t use a wired connection at this time, but will be able to in a few weeks (moving).

BTW i’m using nfba and playing ST exclusively.

ST? Be more specific, which game.

The freezing an dropping could be that you played a few crappy connections straight. Be sure to turn off almost everything else that can chew up bandwidth too.

The game in question is Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. I figured people on this board used ‘ST’ for short?

The freezing actually happens either way I play. I’ve tried a direct ip connection as well as choosing a match from the connect tab in kaillera. (The available matches list).

Is anyone successfully playing with a wireless connection? My wireless rating is between “Excellent” and “Very good”

*and btw no other major program is running while playing kaillera, especially any ones that hog internet bandwidth

Send lawyers, guns, and money. :bgrin: Oh wait…

We do! See, this 3S guy doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of Super Turbo, let alone respect its awesomeness. :woot:

Seriously though, it sounds like something whack with your wireless to me, or possibly one of the routing nodes that’s been used in every single one of your connections so far is acting up and dropping packets and stuff.

Try playing me sometime and I can probably tell. 'Cause if we’re lagging, it’s probably not me. Hoho. AIM = Raisin Plays SF2, or PM me or something.

Thanks Raisin! I read the forums and understand that I need to play against you in ST to have an initial ranking for Super Sundays. So us playing would kill two birds with one stone anyway.

How do you pm someone? I Added your name to AIM, btw mine is GenCallsPerfect

Added you dude so we can try to get you going. If Raisin doesn’t beat me to it that is!!!
To PM some one just click on there name on the left side of their post there where their avatar is and select send priv. msg.

Thanks djfrijoles and Raisin. Looking forward to playing both of you.

lol your going to get Crushed Gen!

UPDATE: It seems that ST games freezing through Kaillera were a direct result of using a wireless router. I am now using a wired connection directly to a cable modem, and the problem has vanished!

So try using a wired connection if you’re experiencing similar problems!