Kaillera Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Tournament (03/12/2006)

Best turnout yet and a lot of fun to boot…

1st - Luxxx
2nd - Lando
3rd - Cokyzzz
4th - Kicks
5th - Silence
5th - SHS
7th - Miclus
7th - Nagata Lock II
9th - CoosCoos
9th - Pat2
9th - V040488V
9th - Storm
13th - Jeeebus
13th - Emma
13th - Gatsby
13th - Shadows
17th - Drawasimp
17th - Overworld
17th - RushedDown
17th - Practice
17th - User1
17th - Tokyoma
17th - FingerSer
17th - Marujo
25th - Pissoff
25th - Lunarscene
25th - TheOrgy (DQ’d in Losers)
25th - Master Giby (Double DQ)
25th - Alonso (Double DQ)
25th - POIOUYTYT (Double DQ)
25th - Tacky (Double DQ)


LOTS of new blood this tournament. This game is really catching on and it showed with all the new players.

Where were the usual SRGD players?

If the players from the old tournies showed I think we could have hit 40, which is just a nutty number considering the turnouts of the past.

I’m going to have to look into banning anyone with a ping higher than 100ms.

GG’s to everyone today. It was a lot of fun and I’ll organize another sometime soon.

I got ass rapped by that Double DQ guy :frowning:

I need to beef up my skills so I can take him down next time.

GGs to all.

Overlord: You didn’t waste anyone’s time. =D I hope you continue to play and improve and challenge me in the future.

V040488V: Pretty good for your first tourny. It sucks when you have to play against a friend you play casually with. GGs.

Silence: I was worried you’d pull out Kain but you never did. It seemed like you were a bit nervous or something. Still, your Kim is to be feared…especially in the corner! Oh yea, was the ass handage in RB2 afterward payback?

Lando: What can I say dude? You scared my ass again! Winners Finals was probably the closest most intense I’ve had tourny wise. I was missing shit but that can only be attributed to the pressure you put on me. You’ve improved once again.

Nagata: Awesome job organizing this huge tourny. I went crazy last time with all the nagging and that was with half as many people. And I heard you have powered up since last time we faced each other so I’d like some matches when you get a chance.

proving once again… if you trained in the 912… you dont lose… EVER.

props to my boy lux… reppin for the old school.

I didn’t really power up. I’ve learned to JD better and pick my pokes better. I really need to learn how to cancel though because my offense is getting more and more limited and I’m falling behind people left and right.

Who do you use, and who do you have troubles against? Someone in the Garou thread should be able to help you out if I can’t.

Edit - A message from Silence.

congratulations Cokyzz (shikamaru)

congratulations, 3rd. was not bad for your fist online tournamet… !good luck forward!

dominicans on the top :wgrin:

Congratulations Cokizzzzzz… Good Job Repping The Dominican Republic…


9th place???

I finished in the top 10!!! That is bananas…I’d thought I’d finish top 15, ah well…

gg’s to all I played, and thanks to everyone who taught me stuff over the 5 weeks I have played Garou. If it wasn’t for the advice, I wouldn’t have gotten this far.

Can’t wait till the next tourney!

GGs all, I can’t believe a tourney this size was co-ordinated online, while other tourneys with half the people never finished.

IRC > You.

GGs everyone, glad to see that the garou crowd is still growing… the game has been around for years and we’ve already had a handful of tournaments yet there were alot of new names yesterday - truly a testament to the game’s awesomeness. Great set to lux, solid play as always… winner’s finals was definitely one for the books. Is anyone gonna help me take this guy down or what?! ;] GGs to everyone else I played, props on running it smoothly Nagata, see you guys at the next one.

lag warriors ;\

Good Job everyone!! I had a blast. We gots another one on the way. I’m pumped!!