Kaillera Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Tournament (04/09/2006)

Big drop off from the last tournament but still a solid showing…

1st - Ace Uno
2nd - Kicks
3rd - Storm
4th - Nagata Lock II
5th - DaDesiCanadian
5th - Genojerry
7th - RPGv2
7th - Braver
9th - Supermac
9th - RushedDown
9th - CoosCoos
9th - True Tech
13th - Mythic Exile
13th - Tokyoma
13th - Original Gatsby (DQ’d in Losers)

GG’s to everyone. I hope we have a better turnout the next time we schedule a tournament.

Whoo! GGS All, I had some intense matches this time around. Ace uno is my new rival. Always good to see Coosy, you got good fast and good luck with the baby. A nice surprise to see True there as well… glad I wasn’t the only one missin’ CCCT.
Thanks again Nagata!!
Final Thought: Where’re lux and lando?

thanks justin for putting this together…GGs to the people I played

Great tournament,a lot of fun, …but nagata for next time you have to let us know earlier, because we didnt know about the tournament until the same day of it.

maybe thats why we missed good fighters ,like cockyzz,garcia,lando and the others

but anyway… thanks for the event,. thanks everybody…


I guess gg’s to all, though I thought I played really bad the whole time. Too much on my plate to be competing I guess.

I will be online, but it will probably be more of me playing A3, because I want to get good at that.

What in the blue hell are you talking about? The thread has been posted for over a MONTH!

my bad, nagata, we didnt see it


Hopefully, I’ll do better next time