Kaillera Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Tournament (04/29/2007)

After a long hiatus, I am back running Garou tournaments.

Game: Mark Of The Wolves (Set 1)

Emulator: MAME32K 0.64

Date: Sunday April 29th

Time: 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Format: 2/3 Falls, Double Elimination. 3/5 Falls Winners and Losers Finals. 4/7 Grand Finals.

Server: Godweapon Server 1

All brackets will be co-ordinated through #garoutournament on Efnet.


  • Mandatory IRC rule is still in effect. If you have come across players on Kaillera that play this game please send them a link to this thread and tell them to get IRC. I will not co-ordinate matches between IRC and Kaillera because people don’t want to take 30 seconds for a couple meg download.

  • Boss characters are allowed. Be ready to play against them.

  • The ranks from the previous fourteen tournaments will be used in this tournament. Any new players will be inserted at random in remaining slots.

There are likely new players since Kicks ran the last tournament so if you see them on Kaillera please let them know about this event.

Im all over this one. Garcia, Im coming for you :tup:

PS: Someone needs to get in contact with Lux for this tourney. Havent played him in ages.

and again… lets get pwned, im in

Oh great. I’ve been waiting for this tourney to come, thx nagata for running garou again . Now who will be the champ this time around? last time was kicks. I wonder If a new face will win this time. Hope to see everybody on this tournament.

I’m up for embarassing myself.

I hope that instinct and kumiho enter on this one.

I’m up for this. There needs to be a Garou IRC channel, preferably one that will encourage the other servers (#SRKVampire, #SRKST, #LastBlade2) to get more active damnit >;(

Also, will this be played on a private server? That would be most awesome.

Private server would be cool, but he said BotB.

I’m down.


I am also ready to fight.

Im gonna learn this game, and Im gonna learn it well.

count me in.

I’m down. But if I find I have too much lag, can I just forfeit?

I’ll need to see if my schedule allows me to stay up this late. I think I need to wake up 6.30 the next morning, so that’s like 2 hours of sleep. In that case; I’m not in. Otherwise; Hell yeah!

count me in…goes back into the lab to learn hotarus b&b combos

Im in, if possible

Rock Rock On!

Finnally got my internet back. If I dont work that day, id love to join.

Channel is #garoutournament on Efnet. The King of Fuckers is coming to this tourney and his friend Kbron_neo too. They are the best Gato users I’ve ever seen on kaillera.

I meant a permanent matchmaking IRC channel, not a few hours lasting tournament IRC channel.

Well man that channel its been there since the first time I joined garou tourneys, so I think we can use it as a matchmaking IRC channel even though the name doesnt sound like a garou matchmaking.

Bout time you got your shit back.