Kaillera Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Tournament (05/14/2006)

We got a big turnout but it wasn’t as huge as I’d hoped…

1st - Lux
2nd - Garcia
3rd - Storm
4th - Lando
5th - Miclus
5th - Shikimar
7th - Nagata Lock II
7th - Shikaku
9th - Kicks
9th - Braver
9th - V040488V
9th - Saberwolf
13th - Izlude
13th - RushedDown
13th - Supermac
13th - Dyne
17th - 9999
17th - CoosCoos
17th - Genojerry
17th - Mythic Exile
17th - Supermac
17th - Chaosu
17th - Lapetus
17th - Jeeebus
25th - Keeto
25th - True Tech
25th - WB!

We were missing TONS of the regulars. It blows my mind that we keep getting new players while the people that show up for the smaller tournaments manage to blow off the bigger ones.

The tournament was alot of fun, I had a good time. Hope to do this again someday.

Another good turnout for the best 2d fighter on kaillera. Yea, I said it. :rofl: Thanks again Nagata for holding another solid tournament.

Iapetus: Laggy set huh? Anytime you feel like doing it again without the lag lemme know. We can get some real games in.

Shikaku: GGs mang. You seem to have gotten better since the last time I played you. You should play more Garou and less KOF2k2!

Shikamaru: You sure did talk a lot of smack even though you can barely speak english. Someone check this dood’s green card. You talked all that shit and you ended up being busted out in the semi finals by me like a little bitch huh? How can someone as shitty as you continue to mouth off even though everyone beats the shit out of you?

Garcia: Fought you in 2 sets in this tournament! As always, I enjoyed our sets. Your Terry is probably the best Terry I’ve seen online. Mad props to that. And making Grand Finals in your first tourney is very respectable. Good to see the new bloods stepping up their game. Now just pick someone other than Terry!!!

The rest: GGs to all and I hope to see you at the next one.

You know why you did that? Because I’m the only one who can kick you ass like I did last time and because I’m the only one who not support you fucking arrogance. That is why you removed me from the tournament before losing cowardly I’ll be waiting for you when you want and where you want excrement without brain. Shikamaru your nightmare:lovin: :lovin: :lol: :lol:

No one removed you from the tournament you ignorant pile of shit. You lost to me, then you lost to Lando. Case in point, reference my last post. You talk shit even though everyone takes turns beating the shit out of you? You don’t fuckin speak english and you’re half retarded so no matter what people tell you, you are going to believe whatever your 2 brain cells tell you. You got kicked from the channel because you had lost 2 like a little bitch, were out of the tournament because you had been raped and you were cussing and yelling like a noob.

Shikamaru = delusional 10 yr old illiterate pile of noob.

Lol, look like we have some bad blood here. Good job making the grand finals garcia. And i gotta get a few in with you lux. We haven’t played a decent set with me not lagging out in forever. I can’t wait for the next tourny and hopefully it’ll be even bigger than this one. Until then i’ll see everyone around.

First of all I’m not lost from LANDO watch and you know you cheat excrement without brain so if you are the best one so why you never want to play against me and that knows STORM and GARCIA that is the truth cowardly cheater. EXCREMENT WITHOUT BRAIN you loose I’m no going to talk no more:lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lol: :lol:

Your translation program is pretty bad…weren’t you the same guy that got beat bad in kof2k2 by me, then just dropped rudely without a word?

So…where are the videos for this tourney? I want to see garcia’s terry…among other things.

i wanna see shitamar’s matches.

Finals were not recorded this time due to lag issues.

Hey all! Good games! Glad to see Garcia again. Used to be my regular sparring buddy, but now… where you been? Oh, and congrats! Your Terry is the best if not at least the most aggressive (a pointer all Terry users should take note of)!

I still hate grant ;_;

ace!! Where heck were you!! We had a score to settle!
(also don’t look at my ranking ^^;)

Good job Luxxx and Garcia.
I think the turn out would’ve been a lot higher if the time was chosen so people from european timezones would be able to play along. I would’ve had to stay up till 3am to be able to join in, which is a real shame since I would’ve really liked to play.

Can’t wait for the next tournament, and I hope it’s after my exams, and at a time so I wont be playing with my eye closed.

Shikimar; I think you were just a little confused. You were under the impression that Winners Semi Finals were 3/5 and not 2/3. So when you asked about the results in the channel, you had a freakout having only lost twice to Lux. In either case, the result is what it was supposed to be so there’s no need to get upset. Your behaviour in the tournament lobby was uncalled for and that is why Lux kick banned you. It has nothing to do with how good you are at the game or whether you’re capable of beating Lux.

We pulled down 28 this time around. These are the players off the top of my head that I thought would have made it:

Ace Uno
Dracula X

Those are all talented players that tend to factor into results but were nowhere to be found. That right there is 39 total instead of 28. I really want to push into that 64 player bracket sometime soon. Ah well… GG’s to everyone and hopefully we can do this again.

Exactly how did I get 17th??? I should have been the first one out.

Anywho, too bad I didn’t get to play in this one, i’m definitely bring the chiropracta to the next tourney, crackin necks all ova the world!!!

nagata, Great tournament, i had a lot of fun,garcia well done ,you have improved a lot, I’ll be waiting for the next one…


Cokyzzz is Shikimar…according to the GW Bot. DId he sign up under two names?

No, I just didn’t know he had two names.

Coos; just because of the way the byes were setup in the bracket.

My plans changed on Sunday due to mother’s day stuff, originally planned to go out early, which is why I said I was cool either way, but plans changed and we ended up going out much later, so I missed the tourney entirely.

Sorry bout that, I’ll surely try to make any future installments, I really thought I was going to be able to make it.

nagata, i dont understand why shikamar is in 5th place,theres something wrong because the only person who won against shikamaru was luxx, and lando lost against shikamar…

maybe shikamar said things that he should not say on the channel,but guys we have to be fair on this, he only lost once…

if you want, lets ask lando about this…


I don’t quite think you got that right. Lando and Shikimar were on opposite sides of the bracket in winners. Lux sent Shikimar to losers from Winners Semis. Lando was sent to Losers from Winners Quarters. So they end up on the same side of the losers bracket. Lando beat me to move on and then defeated Shikimar in the 5th place match. Lando lost to Storm in Losers Semis. So Shikimar got 5th and Lando got 4th.